Is it a Tank? Is it an APC?


Can anybody help me identify this vehicle? I saw it in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. It looks like some kind of Israeli armoured scout vehicle, modified from a tank (perhaps an M-60?). Not only does it have lots of windows in its turret, it seems to have a number of machine-guns too. I also see something that looks like satellite dishes on the roof. It’s reminiscent of something from the period between World Wars I & II where innovation in armoured vehicles lead to some practical ones being developed, and some not so practical. This, I’m sure, has its uses but does anybody know its name? Click the picture for a better view.

I think in all-out tank-on-tank warfare this thing would be highly vulnerable, but in an asymmetric war it really pays to have good eyes on the battlefield. I suspect this one drives in the front of the formation and spots targets for the others. It would also be good for keeping an eye on the situation in an urban area, where the visibility from inside a normal tank can be severely limited. Trust the Israelis to come up with something innovative…

Update: Gab identified it right off the bat, it’s a Nagmachon engineering/APC vehicle. What I thought were satellite dishes on the roof were, apparently, open hatches. I suspect this particular example is being used as a scout/command vehicle. Thanks go to Mr. Nitro pb for the link to the photos and description.

—posted by Nicholas.

P.S. Happy fireworks & flag-waving day, you super-patriots on the other side of the pond.


  1. Well, the pic isn’t too clear, looks like a Nagmashon Low ‘Intensity Warfare’, a converted Centurion tank with Merkava 1 parts. The original Nagmashons were APCs, not so sure about this one.

  2. Well I guess I stand by my previous comment, I think it’s a Nagmashon ‘Low Intensity Warfare’ with a dog house ‘turret’ (Centurion conversion). The one in the background seems to be a Merkava 3D, but it’s hard to tell considering how the Israelis heavy modify their vehicles over the years. It’s funny, but you can find all this info on scale modelling sites that cater to the resin add-on fans.

  3. Jonah did a good write up awhile back about these new style vehicles. Heavy slow to transport yes but once you arive you DOMINATE. I support the idea of a air/mobile door kicking force but at the same I still believe the major force should stay heavy with primary on survivabilty and firepower domination. These new style vehicles are heavy APC’s made to survive MOUT and dominate.