Welcome Back, Murdoc!

Thanks for letting us watch the place while you were gone! We’ll…ummm….clear out all those beer bottles in a bit. And that hole over by the stove in the kitchen? Nicholas was trying to put out the fire from the oven when we tried to dry out the rug from the hallway after the hose sprang a leak when we were trying to wet down that ornery racoon I brought in to see if we could make it sit up on its hind legs and dance after we saw this real cool video on your computer (I don’t know why it isn’t booting now….does water affect a motherboard?) from you tube that had some real neat guys from Alabama doing it with an armadillo!

Ornery racoons dont’ dance.

Seriously, thanks!

Um…..don’t go in the garage. Yet.



  1. I can only hope you didn’t reset his computer homepage to that ‘site’ you said was unsuitable for chidren under 35. LOL!