Oh Well, it Was Fun While it Lasted

I suppose we can’t claim that the media never reports anything positive any more.

It’s like 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean; a good start*. Actually, there has been good and accurate news reported all along. Just not enough of it to be truly balanced. I’d expect to see good news and bad news from Iraq in at least a 1:1 proportion judging from what I have heard. Some media outlets may feature that kind of mix, but none I’ve witnessed.

I suppose some will claim this reporter is some kind of “Administration shill” or as having “gone native” but I suspect her reporting is fairly accurate. My favorite line, when she describes the FOB, is:

It is not unlike a college campus, only with mortar attacks instead of keg parties.

—posted by Nicholas (waiting for Murdoc to get back into his swing).

* disclaimer: I really like my lawyer, he’s a great guy. I’m talking about the slimey ones. You know the ones I mean.