Schoolhouse ROCKS!

Dean Esmay has a series of posts up featuring YouTubes of a few of his favorite episodes of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’:

There are so many good and catchy ones, but ‘No More Kings‘ is my favorite ever. Ever ever ever. It’s a little embarrassing, so I won’t admit that I still get shivers down my spine when I hear it. My daughter also picked it as her favorite. My wife votes for ‘Electricity, Electricity‘. My son had a hard time, but he picked ‘Interplanet Janet‘. We all have many, many that we like, however, and it’s tough to choose. (Except for ‘No More Kings’, which is clearly and obviously the best one.)

I’ve long maintained that most American adults don’t know most of what’s in most of those songs. For what it’s worth, I don’t doubt that the Saturday morning viewings did nothing but help me learn and understand various bits. And the bits picked for ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ treatment are important bits.

You can get a 2-disc DVD collection of all the videos along with a fair amount of background/supplemental material. Order it today. If you have children, I insist.


  1. My kids love these videos and ‘No More Kings’ is one of their favorites. I have to bite my tongue a little when they talk about it – I don’t want to confuse them or kill their enthusiasm. A greedy corrupt Parliament was at least as much to blame for the circumstances leading to the Revolution as the incompetent King.

  2. The irony is that the colonial leaders long thought that George 3 was their ally against the grasping Parliament. It took years of his indifference to cure them of that misconception.