But Iraq isn’t related to the war on terror…

New Bin Laden tape: Iraq is the key to the whole region

I’m still trying to catch up with what I missed while vacationing. I’m a bit miffed that the world didn’t just stop and wait until I returned.

Anyway, the audio tape supposedly from Osama bin Laden included:

“Stay steadfast and don’t leave Baghdad, otherwise all the capitals in the region will fall to the crusaders”

Osama (or whoever) has obviously missed the memo pointing out that Iraq is unrelated to our Long Global War on Terror (World War 4). Iraq is really just about oil or money or elections or something. Now, since Osama (or whoever) has spent five years hiding Allah-knows-where and apparently has no access to a camcorder, I guess it’s understandable that he (or whoever) might not ‘get’ what Iraq is all about. But still.

Bin Laden (or whoever) also spoke about Somalia:

“Any military forces’ deployment in Somalia from any country, even if it was an alleged Islamic country, can only mean a continuation of the crusade against the Islamic world,” said the speaker in an audio statement posted on the Internet.

“The claim that this would help Somalia’s people and spread security there was a lie,” said the speaker.

“The true reason is that the sharia movement (Islamic Courts Union) has taken over the capital and spread their influence on most of the important parts and they seek to create an Islamic state.”

So while ObL (or whoever) claims that Iraq is the key to the Middle East, it seems that Somalia is the key to eastern Africa. I hope that the statement bumps the Horn up a notch or two on our priority list.

(via Power & Control)