Illicit WMD delivery vehicles on the market

Ukraine is selling Russia 30 UR-100 (SS-19) ICBMs

Ukraine, basically broke, is selling Russia 30 ICBMs that it “inherited” when the USSR broke up. Ukraine became the owner of the strategic Soviet weapons on it’s territory in 1991. The post says

The United States paid Ukraine $500 million to help destroy or dismantle all the missiles and launch facilities (silos, control and maintenance facilities) it had inherited. The last UR-100 missiles were thought to have been destroyed in 1999. Apparently not. In 1991, Ukraine had 130 of the 360 UR-100s manufactured through the 1980s.

I found this link to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency page about the destruction project. It says “Project Completed” at the bottom, but ironically a picture of an “eliminated” SS-19 silo doesn’t load. Who ran that show? UN inspectors?

So if Johnny had 130 apples, then destroyed all his apples, and now sells Jane 30 apples, how many apples does Johnny have left? I’m guessing it’s not zero.