What? No one gets “frog-marched”?

Novak finally spills his guts on Plame

That whooshing, exploding, and “oooh”-ing and “ahhh”-ing you hear are not left-over fireworks but the heads of Leftie Moobats. Jay Tea at Wizbang runs down Plamegate based upon new revelations from Robert Novak:

1) Novak was interviewing an unnamed high-level source (let’s call him “Skippy”) about various matters. During the course of the investigation, Skippy casually let slip that former Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s trip to Africa to investigate the possibility that Iraq was attempting to obtain material for weapons of mass destruction was pushed forward by Wilson’s wife, who worked at the CIA.

2) Later, Novak realized the significance of Skippy’s slip when it started being passed around that Wilson’s public accounts of his investigation — that it turned up nothing — were at odds with reports of his classified report. The notion that Wilson and his wife might have had their own agenda for his trip started looking more and more likely.

3) Novak called Karl Rove to confirm that it was Wilson’s wife who had pushed for Wilson to get the job, and not Vice President Cheney’s office, as Wilson was saying. Rove confirmed it.

4) At this point, Novak consulted Joseph Wilson’s entry in Who’s Who to determine the wife’s name — up until now not stated by anyone — and published his infamous column.

5) Novak then calls the CIA to confirm that Valerie Plame works for them, and the CIA’s spokesman confirms it.

6) Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald has the names of the CIA spokesman, Karl Rove, and Skippy, but declined to pursue any charges against any of them.

7) To date, the only person charged with anything in this matter is Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff, “Scooter” Libby (who may or may not also be “Skippy” — nobody is saying who Skippy really is), for perjury. Libby, in essence, is accused about lying about telling the truth about a liar, namely Joseph Wilson.

8) Joseph Wilson will not get to see Karl Rove, Skippy, or anyone else “frog-marched out of the White House.”

Please pardon my extensive quoting. This is top-notch work by Jay and it deserves to be seen and discussed. Jay has some great summary thoughts, but you need to go to Wizbang to read them. Please do so.

It really sounds like this was a lot of ado about very little. That’s actually what I told a co-worker in July 2003 (I think) when he was the first to alert me to this story. A year ago I wrote The more I learn of this story, the less of a story it appears to be and also noted that certain figures were playing fast and loose publicly with classified information, feeling that they were safe (at least for the time) from debunking because the information was, of course, classified.

My guess is that the last act of the whole Joseph Wilson/Valerie Plame/Karl Rove/Robert Novak thing is going to be an outcry over the Bush administration’s failure to fire anyone over the ordeal. There’s been a two-and-a-half-year game of “gotcha!” over Bush’s September 2003 pledge to “take care” of anyone who “has violated the law”. A lot of historical revisionists and those with selective hearing like to pretend that Bush later changed course by saying he’d fire anyone who broke the law, but they’re apparently confused. Media Matters just brought it up again last month, in fact. Here’s what I wrote on this subject in July of last year:

Bush hasn’t changed his stance on this at all.

[Those who claim he has] are lying. That is L-Y-I-N-G. To you. To me. To everyone. Including, in all likelihood, to themselves. They might not even realize it.

Lying. Lying. Lying.

For where I stood (and still stand) on the issue of firing wrong-doers, go read the post.

I have little doubt that another round of “Bush won’t fire anyone even though he promised he would” crap is about to start. It’s a crock. Pure and simple. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a crock stirred by those with few other valid points to make.

America deserves better than this.

UPDATE: Get this headline on an MSNBC.com/AP story: Novak: Rove was one source in outing Plame.

Even when it’s not about Rove it’s all about Rove. Pathetic.

Then on Breitbart.com, Ned Yost (AP):

Novak: Rove Was a Source in Outing Plame

Columnist Robert Novak said publicly for the first time Tuesday that White House political adviser Karl Rove was a source for his story outing the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame.

I originally thought that the last act would be fake outrage over Bush not firing people he never said he’d fire, but I forgot that simply lying about what’s been revealed was an option. Sometimes I’m so naive.

America deserves better than this, too.

Meanwhile, Paul at Wizbang notes Howard Kurtz in the WaPo:

While (almost) everything he types is true, it paints an inaccurate picture. He puts it in reverse chronological order (and leaves out big hunks) distorting the whole thing.

Further, while it is good to hear this from Novak’s mouth, we’ve known for over a year that Rove obliquely confirmed Plame’s identity. This is only news if you forgot.

And he quotes and responds to a key deception in the Kurtz article:

Critics say that Novak helped the administration retaliate against Wilson, who had become a prominent critic of Bush’s conduct in the run-up to the Iraq war, by revealing that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA. Novak said yesterday he does not feel that he was used.

Kurtz ignores that Novak’s column COMPLETELY debunks this myth. As did his own paper earlier. The original “source” gave out the information inadvertantly and in response to a Novak question and everyone involved -including apparently Fitzgerald- says the administration official did not leak Plame’s name. The myth that the administration called 3 reporters trying to get them to out Plame was killed (again) today. Kurtz didn’t get that apparently.

I didn’t clip the whole article (you can go read it) but did you notice something missing?

For 3 years now we’ve been wondering where Novak got Plame’s name and Howie didn’t even bother put that in his article. The absolute biggest hunk of news in the story and he didn’t even mention it.

Well, it’s not Karl Rove so what does it have to do with anything. All this faux outrage over leaking classified info was all about bringing down Rove and bruising Bush in the process. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously deluded.


  1. Come on Murdoc. This convenient fiction carefully ignores other news releases as to how the White House deliberately mistated the CIA’s assessment of the Niger yellowcake in the SOTU address after being told numerous times that it wasn’t true, how Plume’s name and the Niger trip was on a classified State memo in early 2003 being passed around the White House, how other govt officials also leaked to several other media sources, how Cheney told Libby he was upset about this issue and told Libby to leak the story, etc etc. This was not a non-story. I am not as concerned as to the legality of ‘outing’ of Plame as I am over the deliberate revenge tactics of the Bush administration to get payback against Wilson. That’s really ugly politics and shouldn’t be tolerated in a true democracy. And certainly Bush has, well, let’s say, ‘fibbed’ about his intentions on what he would do to any leakers in his cabinet. Although I could live with ‘liar’ also.

  2. J: It’s been pretty clear to me since early on that this entire story as presented in the press is a total crock, and that the only thing that wouldn’t be dismissed as a ‘total fiction’ would be anything and everything that implicated Rove and Bush and Cheney. So far, my theory seems to be standing up pretty well, today more than ever. Explain the ‘fibbing’ part again. I’ve heard it about three dozen times on various web sites and from some folks I know personally. Every single time selective memory and convenient leaps of imagination are required to get Bush to mean anything other than what he said originally in September of 2003.

  3. Comrade J, Hold that thought…. maybe if you keep repeating those fantasies to yourself, they’ll become true. If anyone needs to go to jail, it’s Wilson himself. He comitted treason by outing his own wife in ‘Who’s Who’… you have to PAY to be listed in there, and he did just that. He paid to out his own wife. I doubt anyone who believes as J does will accept the truth of the matter, however, since their reality is based upon fiction, and tempered by liberal doses of BDS. Respects, AW1 Tim