Friendly Predator of Doom

A couple of days ago I linked to a pic of a Predator B scanned from a General Atomics Aeronautical Systems advertisement. Blogagog noticed but has a few misgivings:

It’s one of the most insensitive weapons in our arsenal. How would you like it if you were a terrorist and this ultra scary plane coming right at you was the last thing you saw before it killed you?

I’ll answer for you. You wouldn’t like it all.

But worry not. He has a solution.


  1. And maybe the Hellfires should trail streamers, make whistling sounds, and give a nice audible greeting… we could disguise them as a big ‘Party Poppers’. 8O)

  2. How about calling it ‘Virgin Airlines’ — delivering you to the 72 virgins which are your reward for Muslim martyrdom. Along this line, one of the .50 BMG manufacturers inscribes HAVE A NICE DAY around the rim of the business end of the barrel. Nice touch! On Fox News this AM, a reporter in Beirut noted the sound in the background was an Israeli UAV flying around.