More pics of the B-1 belly landing on Diego Garcia

In May, I noted that a B-1 had made a wheels-up landing on Diego Garcia, and I posted a pic that a reader sent in. Now Flight Global has some pics of the recovery:


The images show the forward fuselage crane and strap placement shoring and lift bags used to stabilise the wings, the placement off four front jacks requiring four 21kg (46lb) concrete blocks to use and mooring. A lift bag was used to inflate under the wings during rear lift, at which point the rear gear extended, producing debris.




  1. YOu have to wonder – that if they are going to that much trouble to ‘recover’ the aircraft – that they must think that the repairs to this one are going to be cheaper/easier than pulling one out of the scrap heap at D-M (boneyard) AFB to replace it.

  2. Well rite off or not, they are hardly likely to leave it in the middle of the strip for other aircraft to go around!