USS Cole to Lebanon?

Received this email this evening:

Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL to see the USS Cole off the coast of Beirut providing protection for 25000 fleeing Americans?

I think that’d send a knife-like message to UBL, and those who got so much pr from attacking it.

It’s in the area, and just did a port call in Greece a week or so ago.

I think in the War on Terror it’d be a great reminder of the USS Cole incident and as the world media reported its presence. Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, MSNBC, CBS, NYT….they’d all be compelled to report its significance, the attack done on it, and the effect of not responding to that attack.

It’s the modern form of gunboat diplomacy for asymmetric warfare.

It’d send a damn fine signal that America can be hit, but not sunk.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Send your comments and hopes that the USS Cole be positioned for the world to see off the coast of Beirut….to the President

I don’t think comments to the White House will be necessary, however. The Cole is part of the Iwo Jima strike group, which is currently in the Red Sea completing an exercise with the Jordanians and will be sent to the coast of Lebanon if more muscle is required.

UPDATE: The Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group is going. Thanks to the reader who alerted me that these orders had been given.


  1. Of course the USS Iowa would inspire more fear and be able to be seen since it would not have to park itself 25 miles off shore due to anti-ship missile fears.

  2. But the Iowa is a [xxxredactedxxx] and all the [xxxredactedxxx] have been deactivated since the brass decided that aircraft and tinfoil ships with quick-firing spitwad guns can provide any needed fire support. Just don’t say [xxxredactedxxx] or all Hades will break loose once again…

  3. As long as she stays in full alert, ready to raise a small hell if needed, I’d love to read a headline like: ‘USS Cole repels multi-strike from missiles and suicide boats. No friendly casualties, 15 terrorists dead.’ Don’t want to read something like ‘USS Cole hit by missile during night shift’.

  4. [xxxredactedxxx] New designation for BATTLESHIP? You should have nuked James’ post. Safer. Now you might end up with a BB discussion thread again. Could try for a new record…

  5. I’m not sure that jihadis would take such a gesture in the way predicted. Might they may see it instead as the ‘mighty’ warship they gravely damaged returning to help the scared Americans run, run, run away home? I think absent other evidence or reference, whoever wrote that is making some pretty big leaps or assumptions. I mean, how can he presume to understand how Osama thinks, or how any of a dozen terror groups might view such an event, each peering through its own cultural and historical lens?

  6. News update – Iwo Jima group has been ordered into the Med to support the Evac operation. Cole will get the chance….

  7. GeekLethal, if I try to blast something and that something licks its wounds and returns, shine and proud, I lost. Those jihadists died for nothing (big deal).