blog*spot – upgrade today!

I’ve been trying to upgrade to ad-free Blog*Spot Plus25 for over a week. That would solve my picture problems and my lack of site stats. But when you get to the “purchase” link, all you get is

Blog*Spot Plus ordering is currently under maintenance. Please try back later. Thanks.

Honestly, I’ve been fairly impressed with Blogger and Blog*Spot since making the switch, but I’m not sure if that’s only because of the awful MSN Groups setup I was using previously.

I’ve managed to figure out a way to include pictures in my free Blog*Spot pages, but it’s klunky and utilizes the aforementioned MSN Groups. Since I’ve made the switch to Blog*Spot, TypePad has announced its plans and rates. They’re really a better deal in several ways, although they’re a bit more expensive. However, I qualify for a lifetime 20% discount because I’ve been subscribed to their newsletter since before they announced their specific plans. Blog*Spot had better get its ordering system up again quickly, or they’ve lost me. And I can’t be the only one, can I?

MO may be moving again soon. We’ll see.