“Photos That Damn Hezbollah”

Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun (via Instapundit):

The images, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Herald Sun, show Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons.

Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the militants carrying automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon.

The photographs, from the Christian area of Wadi Chahrour in the east of Beirut, were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.

Not that this is anything new, of course. But check out the site for a few pics.

The images include one of a group of men and youths preparing to fire an anti-aircraft gun metres from an apartment block with sheets hanging out on a balcony to dry.

Others show a militant with AK47 rifle guarding no-go zones after Israeli blitzes.

Another depicts the remnants of a Hezbollah Katyusha rocket in the middle of a residential block blown up in an Israeli air attack.

The Melbourne man who smuggled the shots out of Beirut and did not wish to be named said he was less than 400m from the block when it was obliterated.

“Hezbollah came in to launch their rockets, then within minutes the area was blasted by Israeli jets,” he said.

“Until the Hezbollah fighters arrived, it had not been touched by the Israelis. Then it was totally devastated.

Meanwhile, here’s the current MSNBC.com front page:


Hard to imagine how civilians, including children, could possibly be in the line of fire, isn’t it?

Here’s the story on MSNBC.com:

“Israel says“. That’s been the headline all along. “Israel says” this and “Israel says” that.

Here’s something else Israel said:

Israel said it had warned civilians several days before to leave the village.

In the story, a man of unidentified race or religion (I’m sure his name, Mohammed Ismail, is purely coincidental) thinks the Israelis are intentionally targeting children:

“They are hitting children to bring the fighters to their knees,” he said.

Lebanon and the rest of the world besides Israel and the US are pushing for an immediate cease-fire. The US and Israel insist upon a meaningful settlement that, well, settles things.

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr questioned Israel’s claim that Hezbollah fired rockets from the village. “What do you expect Israel to say? Will it say that it killed 40 children and women?” he told Al-Jazeera television.

This underscores why an immediate cease-fire which addresses none of the issues is worthwhile. The Defense Minister whose military forces were responsible for making sure that Hezbollah didn’t threaten Israel appears to be ignorant.

The fighting will continue for some time. At this point there seems to be no reason to change course.


  1. I’m just shocked you found an Australian newspaper that isn’t actively publishing enemy propaganda. Oh wait, it’s doing that too.

  2. Oh boy, I am so angry at the international community’s support of terrorism that I am incandescent. Hizb’allah has successfully turned murdering innocents into a tactic. The world has supported this tactic. They are now rewarded by orchestrating the murder of scores of women and children. It is a huge strategic victory for them. They will be celebrating those murders tonight! Who hands this victory to them? The ‘international community’. Now that Hizb’allah has scored such a victory with causing the death of their hostage, they will do more and better. The international community has made human shields a valid tactic in war. Congratulations! I hope this 48 hour aerial campaign break by Israel is really a 48 hour maintenance window for their aircraft. May death come swiftly for the murderous scum who protect their rocket launchers with innocent lives. Every last one of them.

  3. To make things worse, I heard last night that it took about 8 hours for the building that killed all of those civilians to fall. 8 hours! Far more time than’s required to evacuate. I mean, we’re not talking about the twin towers that used to stand in New York, right? 8 hours is plenty of time to evacuate, or plenty of time to round up women and children and force them into the building then cut the last support and let it crush them all. Not that the murderous scum would ever kill innocent women and children for their cause. No, certainly not. When have they ever done anything like that? Oh yeah, just about every day.

  4. I was hoping that they need 48 hours to get battle damage assessments, gather intel, and draw up new target lists.

  5. There’s one thing that really does disturb me about this sort of Israeli response. Hezbollah aren’t actually sheltering behind the locals when they launch their rockets – they are doing precisely what the IRA did with remote or time delay fired mortars. It isn’t even shoot and scoot, it’s scoot and shoot; they are well away at the time. So bombing back does Israel no good whatsoever. People have long learned that fixed mortar positions are deathtraps. Hezbollah is ignoring the locals, not sheltering behind them. Probably their only significance is that trucks or whatever can most easily be left in built up areas – the locals are collateral damage to Hezbollah too, not human shields at all. But I still see the Israeli response as futile.