“But of course, illegal immigration isn’t a security issue….”

Sneak Into America, and Work at the Airport!

Joe Katzman has a quick post up at Winds of Change about what should be a troubling issue:

Captain Ed discusses stepped-up enforcement efforts against the employers who profit from illegal immigration, complete with statistics et. al. About time, too. He also included this tidbit:

“And what, exactly, did Garcia Labor do with all of these illegal workers? They contracted them to ABX Air, a contractor of DHL. The workers sorted the freight for the delivery service, and had access to the airplanes while doing so. One might wonder how illegal immigrants get so close to commercial freight aircraft in a post-9/11 world.”

But of course, illegal immigration isn’t a security issue….

First of all, I believe that prosecution of businesses that profit from and support illegal immigration is a critical part of any long-term solution to this mess. The other two critical parts are A) Actually securing the border and B) Not legitimizing illegal immigrants with ID cards, medical coverage, and various forms of amnesty.

Captain Ed’s post notes that the NYT thinks that this stepped-up program by the DHS is creating a “climate of fear” among illegal immigrants. That’s a good start, but it’s not enough. Here’s why:

The “fright” of enforcement nearly killed one undocumented worker who got missed in a roundup in his neighborhood, ironically because he went to work that morning. Suffice it to say that the Gray Lady does not find this development promising.

Can you spot the problem with this frightened illegal immigrant? Yes, you got it. The problem is that HE’S STILL HERE. He’s not frightened enough to go back to Mexico or wherever it is that he illegally came from.

Punish businesses that use illegal workers. Punish them very harshly and deport as many illegals from those places as you can. Keep your fingers crossed that the New York Times will run many terrifying stories about how the lifestyle of illegal workers is being threatened. (Don’t worry…you know they will…) Let the “climate of fear” build.

That should take care of a lot of the issue, freeing up time to chase the real hardcore troublemakers.

Besides the obviousness of the problem with allowing illegal workers to be employed at international airports, I was also struck by the comments left on Joe’s post:

The paranoid obsession with ‘security’ seems overdone. The real destruction of 9/11 was to civil libertys: and that was self inflicted.

Obviously a Rove plant. No one could really mean that, could they?

Herr Katzman;

As usual, I have little idea where you are coming from.

What I am being critical of, clearly, is the effort of the Republicans to link “security” with “xenophophia”. Nowhere did I indicate what I think about illegal immigration, or what should be done about it.

The problem has a human dimension composed of 11 million parts, many of them women and children. There is no quick and easy solution which can be expressed in a sentence on a bumper sticker and which is designed primarily to divide America against itself and maintain an electoral advantage, not to address the problem. This is the Republican strategy on every issue, and I am disgusted by your efforts to reduce it to a “us vs. them” campaign of fear of “security” for purely political gain.

Go back to Canada…we don’t need your kind in America.

I swear I’m not making this up. This guy is apparently another Rove plant. (Why does it seem that at least half of the Leftiesphere is composed of Rove plants? And how many of the rest are Rove Sleeper Agents, just waiting for the signal? Sheesh.)

This case looks like a one-off to me.

Riiiiiiiiight. The one and only time illegal workers had access to planes in a major international airport they were caught. Whew! Great job!

I left this comment myself:

Joe: A lot of these commenters are (presumably) Americans and have been for all their life.

I wish I could apologize for them. I am so ashamed.

Unless they’re Rove plants, of course. Then “Hoo-Yah!”


  1. At the very least, the employers could get an ultimatum: ‘File a request for a visa for your worker(s) in the next month or we’re going to fine you big time’. If these people are truly so valuable, the employer would be happy to do so, surely? I worked for a US company on a training visa for a year or two. It was a bit of work for them I think, but it didn’t take too long to get it. It would be good if it could be made less expensive for companies to apply for visas for their potential workers. But, of course, they can still be denied. I’m not from Mexico so I guess they thought I wasn’t much of a risk. They still wanted me to prove I had a return ticket home, though. I ended up getting permanent residence, but after the company I worked for laid off a bunch of people, including me, rendering it invalid (since it’s linked to the job). I’m happy to be home anyway. I guess that wouldn’t necessarily be the case if I didn’t like my home country. Perhaps they should do something about their crappy home country? 🙂

  2. The ‘illegal’ aliens would not come here if there was not work available for them. Work would not be available for them, if Americans would apply for the positions. American’s do not apply for the positions because the work is generally hard, low pay, with little opportunity. In US history, immigrants have always fullfilled this work role. The chinese building the railroads, the Irish dock workers… and so on. So before you spout – fine the employers, deport them all and bar the gates – you better figure out how you are going to eat. Without the illegals, we would starve. (+California & Texas would grind to a halt)

  3. ‘In US history, immigrants have always fullfilled this work role. The chinese building the railroads, the Irish dock workers… and so on.’ Absolutely 100% correct. Immigrants fulfilled this work role. Since Americans aren’t willing to do many of these jobs, lets let immigrants do them. I’m not talking about immigrants, though.

  4. It’s time to annex Mexico. If they didn’t want a war, they shouldn’t have committed acts of war. We need the oil and beach front property, they need a government. It’s a match made in heaven.

  5. The ‘Illegal’ entry is based on how we treat the issue. For years, decades really (and the policy continues to this day) Officially, the immigrants are encouraged to come over the border to work. (with a wink & nod) Their immigration status while illegal, is classed as a class B Misdemeanor. The federal equivilant of a speeding ticket. Realistically, all that happens is that you deported. The effect of their ‘illegal’ status is that they get the right to be exploited by employers & prohibited from obtaining the trappings of legality. For example, illegal aliens get the right to pay into social security, but not the right to recieve its benefits. The right to not to be able to obtain car insurance. The rigth to not to be able to obtain health insurance. and so on. A good parallel is the ‘war’ on drugs. Basically all that the law really does is to create an underground economy. From a security standpoint, there is no realistic reason to believe that an illegal alien is greater threat then an American citizen. If anything, they would be less of a security risk, since ofr the most part they are just trying to earn some money and keep their heads down. All that said – I agree that would should have control of the borders, but we have to craft an immigration policy that is realisitic.

  6. Would it really be so hard to come up with a system for legally allowing migrant workers to stay in the country and work? Computers allow for easy tracking of millions of people. Surely it’s better to know who’s immigrated, where they are, who they work for, etc. than just sweep it all under the carpet? Why the unwillingness for reform? Politics, I suppose. Well, that’s just stupid.

  7. James, are you trying to say that it is ok to exploit the illegal emmigrants? And that it is ok if they work in the airport? Why not allow them in a nuclear plant, nuclear subs or NSA? Do you know how difficult is for the marines on a nuclear submarine to keep it clean, or to cook? And possibly give them the codes and the keys, so the captain can sit back, relax and enjoy his caffe. This way, you can save some money. On the other hand, please be informed that almost any country in the world would deport you if you are sneking across the border during the night and catch you. No country will start thinking and discussing about your rights. At least that is applicable in my country.

  8. James, I still did not understand why you use ‘illegal’. Moreover, how can you be so sure that these guys will keep the head down, and they did not come in the States especially to prepare another 9/11? How can you be sure that among them there are not some AQ affiliates, as long as you did not check their identity, criminal records, history, etc.?

  9. Illegal meaning probited by law. Law meaning, ‘A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.’ Statue of libery, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.’ Throughout US history, it has been our custom to import cheap labor with the inducement of a better life. At this point we have about 10-12 million illegals. The hue and cry about security and the ‘threat’ from illegals is a hollow arguement. This is the standard 5th column arguement. In WWII we used this arguement against the Japanese. In truth we American’s kill and destroy our own property and lives at a far greater rate then any terrorist could. (smoking, drunk driving and universal gun ownership come to mind.) If we were serious about security we would all have biometric tamper proof ID cards that validated our citizen status. Think about it, if put on the spot, most people could not prove their citizenship. My bottomline is that if we want to controll our borders, then we should. Not this current half assed approach which basically only serves to be a darwin net. (not the best and brightest, can sneak in to work. )

  10. By the way, note that it says ‘by custom, agreement or authority’. Only one of those has to be true to make the statement true. Unless you believe that the US governement doesn’t have the authority to make immigration law, then if the legislation says it’s illegal, that makes it illegal. Not ‘illegal’. So if you reckon there should be so many immigrants, why not just increase immigration quotes so they can all be legal immigrants? You still haven’t explained why that would be a problem, why it’s a superior solution to have illegal immigrants sneak across the border instead.

  11. James, on the Statue of Liberty is not mentioning ‘…send me your illegal emmigrants’, though. Nicholas is right, they can come legally, and everything will be solved. Somehow, I maybe feel a little bit frustrated: you cannot imagine how difficult it was ten years ago (and it is these days too) for a citizen in my country that needs to go there for business purposes, to get a visa for the States, while other people simply sneak over the border…

  12. That reminds me of the time I flew into LAX and I had a visa. At the time, the visa waiver program had just been instituted. One of the Immigration officials handed me the form for the Visa Waiver. But, I had a Visa, so it was the wrong form. I filled in the form they gave me, then handed it to them, at which point they realized it was the wrong form. They blamed me for filling in the wrong form, told me I was an idiot, and to try again with the right form. Maybe that explains partly why there are so many illegal immigrants. The immigration officials are rude to people who are trying to do the right thing. It still doesn’t make it alright to break the law though. All the time I was in the US I made sure I had the right visas, did not overstay, and I knew if I did something wrong I could be deported so I tried to stick to the rules. I guess I was a fool – I could have not bothered and everything would have been fine. Hell the company I worked for paid lots of money to a lawyer to get me a permanent residence through legal channels. I had to spend a lot of time too, I wrote about 10 pages explaining why I deserved to be able to work for a US company. Since I have no degree I had to prove my worth. What a waste of money when it’s quite clear that nobody cares about it! Somehow I think that’s those are the wrong signals to send.

  13. Airport security. For years and years years people carried things on the plane that were not allowed. This wasn’t a bit secret, and a wink and a nod got most people through the gate just fine. There was no realistic reason to believe that someone not complying with carry-on rules was greater threat than anyone else. The overwhelming majority (99.99999999%) of them had no ill intentions whatsoever. One day 19 people who were not normal travelers just coincidentally carrying suspicious items boarded a plane. They were not normal folks. They used the openings left open for normal folks. Security-wise, illegal immigrants are not the problem. The problem security-wise is that the gaping holes that allow anyone in that makes the effort obviously allows in people besides those who just want to earn a few bucks for the family back home. Huge walls, fences, trenches, and border guard networks would address the the security issue AND help make the illegal immigrant issue easier to manage. NO POLICY, no matter what it is, will work without solid border security. If we build a fairly effective border security system and prosecute employers who violate the law, a realistic policy will be within reach. If we leave the borders mostly open and we don’t enforce current policy, I don’t see how any new policy can make any difference at all.

  14. Did I mention how much shorter our border would be if we annexed Mexico? It would make it about 1/5th what it is now. In fact, Let’s take Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama while we’re at it. That would give us the smallest possible Southern border to protect. Manifest destiny.

  15. Dfens: We could’ve easily annexed Mexico last century. Whoops, I mean 19th century. You know why we didn’t? Because it’s *full* of Mexicans, who we would have then had to care for. Fast forward, and they came here instead.

  16. Nicholas, Your experience mirrors my own in pretty much every way. I’ve written about it before, about what one goes through to marry a non-American. I never collected those written fragments or posted them in an organizaed way, so I know you’ve neve read it. So I think it’s quite telling that not only were our experiences similar, but you use similar language to tell the tale as well. That simple fact ought to speak volumes. I have to tell you bro, every time an illegal gets a freebie from the law my wife and I just marvel. And every time Ted ‘Drunk Fuck’ Kennedy tells us all the help he’s going to give to illegals, it’s a slap in the mouth to all the people who had to do it the right way. And we were students, I add. Broke as fuck. There was no person, or organization, or government unit to help us do it right, and certainly no lawyer willing to work for free. And the minions who work in Immigration were, with the exception of one (ONE!!!!) person among the legions of worker drones, uniformly hostile to all comers. We have asked ourselves many, many times over the years why we ever bothered to do it right- spend all the $$ we didn’t have, take all the time, deal with the federal hivemind- when all the help and moral support is for illegals. It can make a fella bitter.

  17. We have asked ourselves many, many times over the years why we ever bothered to do it right- spend all the $$ we didn’t have, take all the time, deal with the federal hivemind- when all the help and moral support is for illegals. It can make a fella bitter.’ GeekLethal, every time it happens to me (and it is happening quite often), I think that I am definitely stupid: ‘Why am I trying to follow the laws and rules, when I could make my life easier without? I am definitely stupid :(‘. Anyhow, Murdoc had a good point: every hole you left in your border security will be exploited sooner or later by some evil guys, not only by the guys that wish to make an extra buck for their family.

  18. Delphi, Well….you and me and Nicholas and whole lot of other people are right pissed over the whole situation. But I think those of us who have endured the INS up close and personal have an acute appreciation of the scope of the immigration problem. Let me tell you this: the last time I had to go the Hive…no wait, it was the time before that…when I had a run-in with the security. You think INS worker drones are lazy or obtuse? Try dealing with the guards from the private security firm they contract with to watch the doors. I haven’t met or dealt with people who were both so singularly stupid AND devoted to making peoples’ lives difficult since…since…well, ever.

  19. Annex Mexico? Why, we already have. Random factoid: US firms employ 70% of all Mexican workers. The real cure to the Mexican migration is provide jobs in Mexico. Building a fence is going to cost 4-8 billion. Manning the fence will tack on about 5-10 billion a year. http://www.weneedafence.com/solution.asp The next question is what do you do with the 10 million in the country. Deport them? how? mass sweeps? What is your objective? What evil’s are they causing? If your concern is about the 19 9/11 guys. Well they were not illegals, they got visa’s. You have to realize that A) We live in a country with basically unlimited number of vital targets with virtually no ‘real’ security. B) The terrorists are idiots. Really folks, they got lucky, but think about it. If you had 50 million dollars and thousands of followers willing to die for you, do you think you could only pull off one major attack vs a country with virtually no internal security and unlimited targets? We have legitimate spending priorities. I would have no problem funding additional security if A) it provided security B) was based on real threats. For example: We are spending 10 of billions on additional airport security. (generally a failure) Port security (what a joke). Hell out here, about 6 months ago the sharrif’s department explosive bunker got robbed. Now people are talking about installing anti-missile systems on jets. (billions more down a rat hole) Come one folks, we need to stop playing to fears of exotic dangers and focus our fears on the realistic dangers we face. Like the pot-hole that swallowed my tire or the drunk drivers who kill thousands each year.

  20. Yeah, let’s all go back to living in a 9/10 world. You remember, back when the numbers of Americans killed by terrorists was at a ‘nusance level’? I mean, unless they happened to get someone in your family, of course. Just go back to sleep. Turn in your guns and let the Democrats and their trusty police force take care of things.

  21. James, you are probably right regarding the costs of building a fence on the border. But do you seriously believe that if US gives (donnates) the billions you mentioned to Mexic, than they will have plenty of jobs, and therefore they will no longer need to come illegaly into US? What a joke… And the terrorists are not as stupid as you think. You should never underestimate your ennemy (I heard that a wise guy said that… someone called Sun Tzu… or so).