What? Journalists can lie?

REUTERSGATE! The Tipping Point

Reuters published completely doctored photos of Israeli strikes on Lebanon. It’s unclear to me at this point whether Reuters knew the images were doctored or not. The link above is the Pajamas Media rundown.

The photographer is a Lebanese freelancer. Maybe he didn’t get the memo explaining that all journalists refuse to allow their personal biases affect their work?

For a summary of the actual manipulation, see Reuter’s Photoshop Explained at Riehl World View.

Coincidentally (NOT!) this photographer is the same guy who took the, err, questionable images that got a bunch of attention last week. You know, the totally staged pictures of the Qana relief work.

In the Yahoo archive of this guy’s photos, I noticed this one:


An Israeli F-16 warplane fires missiles during an air strike on Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, August 2, 2006. (Adnan Hajj/Reuters)

While the quality is really bad, and there may actually be some bombs on the way, those bright lights are not missiles headed for Lebanese orphanages. They aren’t missiles at all. They’re flares designed to distract heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles targeting the F-16. They’re defensive. Sure, the F-16 wouldn’t be there if it weren’t attacking something. But get the caption right.

Or at least photoshop a MOAB in to make it look good, or something. No one will notice.

UPDATE: More at Wizbang.

UPDATE 2: Whoops! (This is what happens when you ignore the news for 24 hours…)

Seems that Rusty at the Jawa Report is all over the F-16/flare image that I noted. He thinks that two of the flare are copies of the first, and that two of the bombs are copies of the first. Go read and look. (via Malkin)

UPDATE 3: I understand that mistakes happen, not everyone knows correct military terminology, and that the deceptions of one liar shouldn’t smear the entire organization that he was part of. I’m just wondering where the mistaken pictures favoring the Israelis, with captions that tell lies about all the bad things Hezbollah does, are. Why is it that those deceptions are filtered out so completely and crap like this terrible photoshop get in?

UPDATE 4: The F-16 photo is doctored.


  1. MO, I’ve seen fast movers maneuvering low and fast, popping flares. To think the flares are weapons, you’d have to be half retarded. Let me be clear: if one saw the pic, and saw stuff coming off the plane for that frozen millisecond in solely a photo, and didn’t know better, it’s totally understandable. If you see them in action however, as this photographer does, and did, he is either stupid or engaging in disinformation. I mean, the flares pop off, and it looks kinda cool, but they don’t fall very fast and they burn out in a second. And even if you were still leaning toward them being weapons, the lack of any sort of ‘whoosh-BOOOM’ coming from them when they don’t explode should put you over into the ‘not a weapon’ camp.

  2. if you look forward of the flares there are three other shapes. Are those ‘lens flares’ or a single bomb that the photographer decided to copy into a string of three? The spacing is awfully susupect.

  3. coolhand77, If I were at Reuters, I might call those ‘jewbombs that carry weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons to use nuclear explosions to humiliate our brothers’, regardless of what they may be, if in fact they were not shopped in the first place. Because humiliation of Arabs is really the true foreign policy objective of the Zionist Entity, dontchaknow.

  4. Bram, Oh yeah, no doubt. Amercan R& D efforts are bent toward supplying the Zionists with smart weapons that only kill muslims. That’s what I heard between hits on my hookah, anyway.

  5. IMHO, anyone that saw even on TV real flares poping out of an airplane or a helicopter, can notice the unrealistic trajectory of the pair of flares and of the pair of bombs. The guy is a real amateur. Seems that there are more doctored pictures, though.

  6. While I am all for robotic hyper-intelligent Muslim childcutter bombs that can seek out and with uncanny precision destroy kinder-madrassas — I am getting really tired of appending the suffix ‘-gate’ to everything. I mean really, that’s just offensive.