Armored TRAM

Combat zone ingenuity protects Marines, earns $5,000

There’s little in Iraq that can’t be improved by adding a bit of steel plate:

Seven Marines were presented with a $5,000 award for their combat zone ingenuity in designing and creating a protective armor kit for military forklifts and front end loaders, commonly called TRAMs, at a ceremony here Aug. 6.

Those awarded – welders and mechanics assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 15, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward) – were selected for the recognition by the Marine Corps’ Beneficial Suggestion Program after fabricating from scratch a steel cover, complete with protective glass windows, that fits over the cab of the TRAM.

TRAM is the Marine Corp’s acronym for “Tractor, Rubber-tired, Articulated steering, Multi-purpose.”

Transformation occurs in many ways.


  1. Go back about 60+ years and think about those 2 Marines who started up a Japanese steamroller (absolutely no protective armor) and drove it into a house occupied by about 50 soldiers of Nippon. The one guy was blasting away with his 50-round, drum fed Thompson while the other steered. Of course both were shot to pieces, but the steamroller (BTW, not a Cat-9) took out the entire Jap platoon. The Movie: GUNG HO in living Black & White. Starring: Randolph Scott & Noah Beery, Jr. Based on the true event of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion’s assault on Japanese held ‘Makin Island’ on August 17, 1942. It’s hoaky, but