They don’t kill them like they used to

I’ve not been able to keep up with things like I usually do, but if you haven’t seen this you really ought to.

This photo appeared on the New York Times’ web site as part of a slide show:

Poignant, no?

But check out later pictures in THE SAME SLIDE SHOW. Here’s one:

Notice the guy, second from the left, with the backwards hat? It’s the dead guy from the previous photo. (Look again at the “dead” guy…you can see him holding the hat up against his side with his arm.)

People are LYING to you, folks.

For much, much more see Gateway Pundit’s New York Times Busted in Hezbollah Photo Fraud!. “Dead Man Walking”, indeed.

I expect many more discoveries along these lines in the coming days as the realization that they’re doing it all the time dawns on folks and more eyes start looking.

Again, I’d dismiss this as an unfortunate coincidence, not part of a scheme, if we were seeing just as many doctored and staged photos leaning in the other direction. Maybe all the bright light bulbs at Kos and DU will uncover stacks of faked photos portraying the Israelis in a good light, though I doubt it.

Seems pretty clear which way the breeze is blowing. You can tell by the smell in the air.