Comments undorked

Got an email alerting me to the fact that my comments were “dorked up”. I fought the urge to respond with “Not since I banned Aaron” and instead checked them out. Turns out that they had been disabled at some point, probably by my host. I was wondering why the spam count was down.

Anyway, they’re all undorked up now and you can comment away. My apologies for the interruption.


  1. That’s just offensive. Maybe if you called it Murdoc’s Muslim Childcutter Commentscam I’d feel better. And Murdoc, you didn’t really resist the urge to say, ‘Not since I banned Aaron’, now, did you?

  2. ‘Scrap the battleships to build light carriers – says Murdoc’??? Are you NUTS? I don’t have the bandwidth to cover the commentary on that post…

  3. Why the M-16 is better than every German gun ever made, or something.’ If you post that, prepare for a 30 page rant from me on why the G-36 w/drum magazine and grenade launcher is the best infantry weapon ever fielded (esp. when augmented by an M240 or two). 😉