With all the attention lately on doctored and staged photos of events in Lebanon being run by supposedly world-wide media organizations, I guess it’s only fair to point out a bit of buffoonery on When first published, this image has what appears to be a shadow that looks suspiciously like Adolf Hitler’s mustache on the ever-popular Howard Dean. Later, the image was changed. I’ve set up this nifty little switcheroo to allow you to compare the current version to the “mustachioed” version:


The quality is a bit shabby due to the GIF factor, but you get the idea. You can view better versions of the current and mustachioed versions, too.

For the record, though I’d hesitate to compare this sort of political, errr, gamesmanship on a political party’s homepage with the outright deceptions published by major media outlets, this is really pretty stupid. Also, even though I doubt many Republicans have any sympathy for Nazi comparisons, it’s still a low blow. Don’t sink down to the level of so many spineless hacks or you might get mistaken for one yourself.

(Hat tip to the reader who pointed out the coverage on Dependable Renegade)


  1. In case anyone has been living under a rock or two. In internet arguments, oneone who makes a Nazi/Hitler comparison with anyone else, especially debate or politcal opponents, provokes Godwinns law, which more or less says that the accuser immediately loses the argument no matter how sound a comparison it may be; that and the argument is over. But that is Forum stuff, not necessarily politcal web page siliness or MSM photo editing. But when you hear ‘Godins Law’ being invoked, then someone has recently compared another to being a Nazi.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I hope that everyone agrees that altering photos to try to alter the impression of a situation without clear mention of the alteration (artistic works excluded, of course) does no one any good. It is visual deception. Or, as my grandma would say, lying. I hope that the photographers and photoshoppers who have done this are made an example of and that everyone demands integrity in journalism. Then maybe we ccan push for integrity in politics.

  3. Nic, just being informative. As things can get out of hand once the ‘Other N Word’ appears in some form or another. I am not invoking Godwins Law on the Repubs, nor anyone here. =)

  4. Sam: OK, I can see why you’re referring to Nazi comparisons, with that moustache and all, but your comment seemed rather tangential otherwise. I think it’s worth keeping in mind, there are some people who can reasonably be compared to Nazis. You know, totalitarian state rulers who demonize races (e.g. Jews)? So I wouldn’t rule it out on the basis it might actually be an accurate analogy on occasion.

  5. Yes there are as you sayy some who can be legitimately compared. Which given the politcal context is why I am not invoking Godwinn…though a candidate for office is a poor comparison for such, and as such may apply. Not really examining that photo edit story is the other reason why I am not invoking Godwinn. I just want more folks to be aware …mostly so that converstaions can go better. here btw is what it really says:

  6. wf : who’s defending what? So far on this comment thread the only person I can see defending anything is me, and I am defending the possibility of comparing people to Nazis if it is an appropriate comparison. Note that the only example I’ve given where I think it might be appropriate is Ahmahnutjob. So please explain your question?

  7. I’ll defend Nicholas here in that is ‘possible’ to make legitimate comparisons of current politicians with Hitler/Parties with Nazis. I’ll still advise to be careful about using these debate killing comparisons. Castro for instance is a reasonable comparison. Chavez does seem to be taking this path. But I don’t think Howard Dean is. (and no I didn’t vote for him nor would’ve anyway.) He’s never really ruled much, never invaded any nations, nor sent anyone to concentration camps. At closest comparison Dean seems to be a shouter, which doesn’t mean much. Proceeding down that lane will only hurt.