Green Helmet: Caught on Tape

A reader tips me off to this video of Green Helmet directing the filming crew at Hana. When shots of a dead child’s body being loaded into a vehicle don’t pass muster, he has them PULL THE BODY BACK OUT and load it onto a different stretcher to try again.

Warning: This is a video with a child that was killed in the Hana bombing. Use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to watch it.

The video is below.


  1. Why is it that people will hold onto the initial presentation of something even when evidence suggets it was a misrepresentation? It seems that getting out a distorted version of a story quickly and loudly gives it staying power despite the misrepresentation. I would think that people would be appalled at this sort of blatant propaganda. Unfortunately, we don’t even have to look far from our own country to see powerful, persistent examples of ideology and slick presentation trumping honesty.

  2. Agreed, MP. We have problems of our own to deal with in this country. However, you *DO* have to go far away to find anything even remotely at the level of this example. Feel proud you live in a country where we complain loudly and extraordinarily whiney about our government and society, with not the least little fear that we’ll disappear somewhere between the front door of our house and the door of our car, never to be seen alive again. Personally, I just came back from an extended trip to western Europe. Never have I been reminded so much about what makes this country, with all it faults (and *BOY* do we have a lot of them), so much superior to anywhere else in the world, in all the things that *I* think are important in life. Anyway, just wanted to put some perspective on a comparison between a slick gov’t presentation in this country, v. what happens elsewhere in the world. Might as well compare firecrackers and daisy cutter bombs, even if it’s worth our time to worry about the firecrackers here at home. 🙂

  3. KTLA, I generally agree with you, but I’m not sure we don’t get similar slick presentations by our government, albeit is a less overt way. There is evidence that the government considers the home front fair game for disinformation, from simple lying to whole campaigns. When something that is politically damaging to those in power is considered the equivalent of a national security secret, we really can’t know, particularly without a competent, honest, contervaling press. I always thought that a skepticism of government and good checks and balances would keep things transparent enough to trust that nobody would be disappeared here. There is enough evidence that we do disappear people – at least in other parts of the world – and that there is a general unwillingness to oversee or be overseen that I do wonder if it couldn’t happen here. I sure wish I didn’t wonder.

  4. Slick government? USA? Guys, what am I missing.. help me out here. Did you get a new President who doesn’t seem like a total buffon, or did he hire a new PR firm, or something?

  5. MP: Now, compare how carefully you have to analyze to suppose that perhaps there are things going on that we don’t know about that just might fall into that same unpleasant space. Who knows, certainly none of us here really knows for sure. Now, compare that to what is common practice for governemnts on the other side of the planet. I mean *BUSINESS AS USUAL*, where your actual, physical fear of governmental powers keeps your mouth shut. I’m not saying we’re perfect, but you should read about somewhere where it’s REALLY happening, or better yet, travel more just to get a feel for how other governments work. Yes, our’s has a seemingly infinite number of problems, but those problems are really put into perspective when you see what the REST of the world has to put up with. Or, to put it really briefly, it’s healthy to criticize our governmental system, but it’s only balanced criticism if you occassionally note how freakin’ AWESOME it is to live under, in comparison to everywhere else!