Plot to destroy the Mackinac Bridge?

Men suspected of Mackinac plot

mackinacbridge.jpgGrand Rapids Press:

Three Texas men arraigned Saturday in Michigan on terrorism-related charges after police found about 1,000 cell phones in their minivan were part of a plot involving the Mackinac Bridge, a county prosecutor said.

“All I can say is that the Mackinac Bridge is the target at issue,” Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene said. “There’s reason to be concerned.”

One of the men is an Hispanic Catholic, another is an Indian Hindu, and the last is a white agnostic.

Just kidding.

Although none of the articles I looked at mention the religion of the three men, according to the Houston Chronicle the defense attorneys “say the men were targeted only because they are of Arab descent.” Any guess as to what religious system they might subscribe to?

To be honest, the information in the articles doesn’t jump out at me as an obvious terrorist plot.

The prosecutor, a 16-year attorney with the county, said police picked up a laptop computer containing evidence related to their charges, but he wouldn’t say what evidence led him to believe the Dallas men targeted the bridge that connects Michigan’s peninsulas…

Caro’s police chief said cell phones can be used as detonators, and prosecutors in a similar case in Ohio have said prepaid TracFones often are used by terrorists because they are not traceable.

I’m not trying to defend anyone here, but they wouldn’t need 1000 phones if they were going to use one as a detonator the blow up the Mackinac Bridge. The three men claim they were buying the phones in order to sell them at a profit to a wholesaler in Texas.

UPDATE: I know that it’s spelled mack-in-ack, but it’s not pronounced mack-in-ack (or throat-warbler mangrove, for that matter). It’s pronounced mack-in-aww. Don’t ask me why. It’s one of those Michigan things.


  1. What religous organization? Baptist, Most likely Southern Baptist. They’re ALWAYS in the thick of things. Them and the Amish.

  2. It doesn’t take 1000 cell phones to start an explosion. It only takes one. The point being, if they are connected to a terror group, they’re probably not only the recievers of explosives, money, and expertise; they likely also are trying to do other stuff to contribute to the cause of the islamofacists (let’s call it what it is) like supplying cell phones to al qaeda. Who is to say these cell phones weren’t destined for Iraq? I can certainly think of no legitimate reason they need 1000 cell phones.

  3. ‘What religous organization? Baptist, Most likely Southern Baptist. They’re ALWAYS in the thick of things. Them and the Amish.’ NAH, they’re all peaceful religions. My money’s on the Jehovah’s Witness crowd. They soak all their pamplets in Nitroglycerin and now they hand them out with a free callphone. You put the pmplets down and lay the phone on top and KABOOM! That’s why, when I see them coming, I pretend I’m not home.

  4. Ah. Those ads are context-sensitive and they change. If I thought I could make money selling Murdoc Gear, I would do it though…