You know it’s true…

John at OpFor has If World War II Were Fought Today…

For instance:

Ward Churchill would call the dead sailors at Pearl Harbor “little Eichmanns,” but neglect to think of a catch phrase for Adolph Eichmann and the rest of Hitler’s cabinet.

There’s plenty more where that came from.


  1. Instead of all this what if nonsense. How about what really happened. A bleeding heart liberal, named FDR saw the threat posed by the nazis and tried to get the US involved. It was the Republicans who were isolationist and tried to prevent any US involvement You conservatives were on the wrong side of history during WWII. A million What ifs will never change it.Prove me wrong, Murdoc, if you can. I am surprised you are still trotting out this WWII analogeis

  2. Torcik posted the same nonsensical garbage at my place Murdoc…. Guess no one told him that back in the 40s, Republicans were Democrats and Democrats were Republicans. The civil rights movement changed all that of course… but that’s aside the point. Both bodies of congress voted nearly unanimously for war on Dec. 8, 1941. I’m kinda embarassed for this guy…

  3. OH, OH! Me thinks torcik is definitely on the WAR PATH looking for some Conservative scalps! For your information torick, Ole FDR was in cahoots with his Commie bud Stalin. Mr Roosevelt and some of his cronies knew well in advance the Japs were going to hit Pearl Harbor, but let it happen and sacrificed 2,700 lives in order that he’d have an excuse to pour BILLIONS into Russia’s (Stalin’s) coffers and help build the EVIL EMPIRE into what was to become a first class threat a decade later and continue until the 1980’s…….. THEN, Thank God (Conservative, Republican) President Reagan had the guts to stand up to and defeat the monster that Doctor FRANKENSTEIN DELENO ROOSEVELT created!

  4. ‘Please, please please tell me you’re being sarcastic Toejam.’ Dear john, MOI, SARCASTIC? NEIN. I tell it like it really happened. I was there. Bet you didn’t know this, but I’m the reincarnation of Audie Murphy.

  5. Torcik always gets all uppity about how Republicans were against war and Democrats saved the day anytime anyone mentions WW2. We’ve been round and round about it, but its become so tedious that I just ignore him now.

  6. It is to my undying shame that the lone vote (in the House, anyway) against war after Pearl Harbor was cast by Jeanette Rankin, Representative from Montana. Yes, I live there. She was a Democrat by party affiliation. Liberal by nature.

  7. If WWII were fought today.. The US would have invaded Mexico. -y’know its full of suspicious brown folk and there’s all that b.s. evidence that mexico was really behind that deadly initial attack. How can you not understand? brown folks. a war. Only serious people understand how mexico is the key to the war against the axis powers. Your failure to get it shows how unserious you are about the war.