“Couldn’t prove a terrorism link”

Ohio drops terror charges against phone buyers

Prosecutors dropped terrorism charges Tuesday against two Michigan men who were arrested after buying large numbers of cell phones, saying they couldn’t prove a terrorism link.

The dismissal, in a one-page court document, came the day after Washington County Prosecutor James Schneider said he didn’t have enough evidence to present the felony charges to a grand jury.

I haven’t followed this story very closely, but this is pretty lame considering all the hoopla the arrest of these guys caused.

Keep in mind that these are NOT the guys reported to have targeted the Mackinac Bridge. The prosecution has been very publicly vocal about the terrorism links in that case, and if it, too, ends up being dropped or dismissed it’s going to deflate the whole balloon.

That being said, what I’ve heard about the Texas guys who supposedly were targeting the bridge that connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas doesn’t really convince me that they’re terrorists. I hope the prosecutors know a lot more than they’re letting on considering the strong statements they’ve made.


  1. Who knows if cop shows are accurate.. but if they are, there are a lot of people who are arrested and suspected of a crime, but not enough evidence turns up, and they have to be let go. I think this sort of thing suggests that the gov’t aren’t such a bunch of thugs as many make them out to be. Sometimes you just can’t prove something. I hope they’re watching these guys carefully, though.

  2. This is exactly what would happen if they ever gave civil courts jurisdiction over Guantanamo. The courts are there for the criminals, not the victims.

  3. It’s been a while since my street running days but I never remember seeing or hearing of anyone buying a prepaid phone for more money than what Wall mart sells them for. I do remember here and their you could by jacked phones and or jacked cards but they were usually less than or right around the store bought prices. Now I did see one report that they were selling these phones to some hackers that were reprogramming the sim cards for the above trading and maybe they have gone up in price who knows. The other thing that bothers me about this is simply a terror cell divides the duties hence Terror Cell. So two guys may have been tagged to go get a couple thousand phones another guy the bomb maker another guy the money coordinator contact and lastly but not least the actually Cannon Fodder aka Martyr. All in all I think these guys should be forced to roll up not mystery X never found guy but take us to your buyers arrested found to both have phones and be buying more confirmed buyers. I want to see the guys who are paying 30 bucks for a 20 tracphone dropped out of the box no charger. If they can’t provide these people then I would see that as a sign that they were terrorist. You don’t buy 1000 tracphones at 20 each without having a buyer that’s a freekin 20k investment on a blind idea with no customers? Come on we weren’t born yesterday were we? And like my brother said when the story came over the news ‘no sh*t did you see their fr*ckin names’ that comment was right after the announcer said ‘suspected terrorist? Suspects founds with over a 1000 trac phones at Wal-Mart raise questions?’. By brother by the way watches no news short the blip he may see when he swings by my house. Common since used to be something shared by our leaders along with US common people.