This Just In: France full of it

babun-sm.jpgI saw a news link yesterday that said France had agreed to send troops to Lebanon as part of the UN peacekeeping force. What I hadn’t noticed was the quantity.

They’re sending 200 troops. Yes. Two hundred.

And this is for a cause that they not only supported but helped champion.

200 troops.

What a joke.

Speaking of jokes, is it just Murdoc or has the United Nations become a caricature of itself?

Time for the BabUN.


  1. of all the western nations most qualified to participate in this particular effort, France is at the top of a short list. For having occupied Lebanon for a time, they alone have the most experience with that land. They should have been sending 2000 at least. I am also disapointed.

  2. You are so right. It seems that they are trying to regain some sort of national recognition by being one of the front voices in this conflict. Then, when it is time to put boots on the ground, they defer, and show their true colors. It is despicable. Once again they are trying not to make waves in the arab community. I guess they don’t want Islamic riots in their own country. That begs a different question. If Islamic forces take France over, would we risk our blood to free them again? Or are Islamic forces already in control? French Lovers Anonymous

  3. France had originally committed to 2000 troops. Then, during negotiations, France eviscerated the Rules of Engagement of the UN force. Then, citing weak Rules of Engagement as reason not to put French troops at risk, they reduced their commitment to 200 men. If nothing else, you’ve got to hand it to them for their deviousness