“If people were doing this to animal-rights activists, it would be called fascism”


The constant calls, the people frightening his children, and the demonstrations in front of his home apparently became a little too much.

Dario Ringach, an associate neurobiology professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, decided this month to give up his research on primates because of pressure put on him, his neighborhood, and his family by the UCLA Primate Freedom Project, which seeks to stop research that harms animals.

Covered here.

Murdoc loves animals. They taste great. Especially with freshly-ground pepper.


  1. If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.’ I wonder how those people would feel if their (insert close relative or friend here) were dying of a disease that could have been cured by animal research would feel. I also wonder if they were inoculated for small pox and the like as children? Would they trade those cures for the lives of those animals? On the lighter side do you think animals like alligators or sharks have conversations about the morality of eating humans?

  2. Do these idiots realize that nearly every life-saving drug created was at one time tested on animals?

  3. Someone’s Sherriff needs to grow a set and go arrest those twits for disturbing the peace, stalking, and anything else.