Carrier to Hawaii?

Isles could get carrier Vinson

The Vinson, currently undergoing Refueling and Complex Overhaul in Norfolk, may be based in Hawaii when the work is complete in a few years:

The Navy in February said it intended to keep at least six aircraft carriers in the Pacific over the next two decades under a defense roadmap called the Quadrennial Defense Review.

The report, done every four years, outlines how the nation’s fighting force should be structured.

Officials believed the review would speak to the strategic desire to place a carrier in Hawai’i, which is closer to Asia than West Coast ports, but budget concerns for such a shift were, and still remain, a concern.

Ship travel time to the Taiwan Strait from Pearl Harbor at 30 knots is 5.9 days, 1.9 days from Guam, 8.2 days from San Diego and 7.3 days from Everett, Wash.

Other possibilities include Bremerton, San Diego, and Guam