What? A Senator doesn’t want a searchable database of federal contracts?

Glenn Reynolds notes the case of the mysterious Senator who has put a “secret hold” on legislation that would authorize the creation of a searchable database of government contracts and grants.

In the Washington Times:

The bill has the support of the Bush administration and activists on widely divergent sides of the political spectrum. It also passed a Senate committee without any objections, so the unknown senator is annoying many people.

Sponsored by Sens. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, and Barack Obama, Illinois Democrat, the bill would require the administration to create a searchable Web site that would list the name and amount of any federal grant, contract or other award of money amounting to $25,000 or more.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican, tried to win speedy passage just before the Senate left for its summer break, but at least one senator objected anonymously.

Porkbusters.org is leading an effort to unmask the mysterious Senator. I think they’ll eventually prevail, and I hope it’s before election season. Especially if the Senator in question is up for re-election.

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