Text Link Ads

You may have noticed the text links in green on the left sidebars. I signed up for the Text Link Ads program some time back, but didn’t see any revenue for a couple of months. I was about to cancel when my first sale came in. I’ve had five more since.

Text Link Ads

Unlike Blogads and Google AdSense, two of the other programs I run to try and make a little scratch, you cannot see how many clicks your Text Link Ads generate. So I can’t say whether it’s really worth it for those that choose to advertise on MO. I hope so.

Anyway, if you’re looking to make a few bucks to cover hosting and expenses, consider Text Link Ads. If you’re going to sign up, please consider using the referral links in this post. Murdoc will appreciate it.

(Text Link Ads Hint: It took me three months to sell my first TLA ad. In the month since, I’ve sold five more. I can’t say what caused the bump, but about a month ago I punched up my site details a bit from the defaults. If you sign up, be sure to customize your site details.)

Finally, for readers who do not blog, I’d like to mention in a very general way that most bloggers are struggling to cover expenses. If you see ads on your favorite sites, whether they’re Text Link Ads, Google AdSense ads, Amazon ads, Blogads, or whatever, consider clicking through when you notice something interesting. You might find a good deal, and you’ll help keep bloggers supplied with fresh pajamas. Also, some bloggers utilize Tip Jars. I don’t, but tossing a few shekels in the direction of writers who you feel deserve it could make all the difference. You’d be surprised at how much time it takes to run a good site, and a little positive reinforcement will keep the good stuff coming.