Seven days away

Next Monday, of course, is the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I’m not quite sure how I’ll mark this milestone, but one event that should provide some distraction will be the Monday Night Football game in Washington between the Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.

In my mind, one of the signals that America was already on the comeback trail was the fact that the NFL took off only one week after the attacks. At the time, I was a bit skeptical that a quick return to football “normalcy” was the right thing to do, and I still have mixed feelings about it. But the fact that I don’t look back and shake my head over a terrible mistake means that it was probably okay, and the “memorial”-ish scheduling of teams in Washington and New York are a nice touch.

LB Robert McCune

My beloved ‘Skins have put together a pretty good team, on paper at least, and I’m hoping for big things from them. One disappointment (and possibly an indication of just how good the ‘Skins are) is the fact that LB Robert McCune once again didn’t make the opening-day roster. I’ve noted McCune before. He served for six years in the Army and the National Guard before attending college and being drafted (heh) by Washington in the fifth round in 2005. He failed to make the final cut last year, but was immediately signed to the team’s practice squad and bounced back and forth between the roster and the practice squad all season.

This season, he once again failed to make the opening-day roster, but he was also once again signed to the practice squad. He was having a pretty solid preseason until a hamstring injury sidelined him for a while, and as the ‘Skins are keeping only six linebackers he might get a chance to see some real action if one of the regulars goes down. McCune is the only linebacker on the practice squad, and he’s capable of playing special teams, so odds are good that he’ll get tapped to fill in if injuries or poor performance create a need.


  1. Comrade, Americans early on showed what the native stock was like. One famous quote from a Revolutionary War soldier who was asked what it was like to serve in Washington’s Army went basically ‘We fight, get knocked down, rise up and fight again.’ There is a resiliency in the American Spirit that seems to transcend all of our political, religious, and ethnic squabbles. We can take a hit and shrug it off. We keep going, especially when we are convinced we are in the right. Football should be a cautionary example to potential aggressors. Look at how we play, with controlled violence within a framework of rules. We can dish it out as well as take it, and when it doesn;t go our way, then we drop back and punt. But it’s always face forward and drive, drive, drive…. play to the whistle. 60 minutes of everything you have. I’ll take that attitude over someone else’s soccer any day. And this weekend cannot come soon enough:) Each year I print out my team’s schedule and hand it to my friends and family with a ‘don’t disturb me’ note on game daze. That’s MY time. The family can watch whatever they want the rest of the year, but when it’s game on, it’s game on and I expect to be able to watch it:) I’m not a Washington fan, per se, but I always tune in to ‘Dump Dallas Day’. Respects, AW1 Tim