NATO takin’ it to ’em

200 Taliban Killed In Fighting

Four Canadian soldiers were also killed during the first two days of Operation Medusa.

CBS News:

If the estimate is confirmed, the battle would be one of the deadliest since U.S.-led forces ousted the Taliban regime five years ago.

The operation took place near Kandahar, where anti-Western forces seem to be gaining strength, reports CBS News correspondent Dan Raviv.

Anti-Western forces suddenly seem to be, um, losing strength, actually. At the rate of 100 a day.

Anyway, poppy production is apparently up by 50%, and the proceeds are fueling the increased Taliban activity we’ve seen so far this year.

Via Instapundit, who contributes:

Alternative MSM-style headline: “Over 200 killed in renewed Afghan violence.”

Heh. Indeed.

Also, I like “Operation Medusa”. Much better than “Operation Friendship, Justice, and Freedom” or “Operation Winning The Future Together” or whatever crocky name so many US operations get these days.


  1. Sam: I’ve wondered about that. Seems it would be worth almost any price in cash. Even better, get some construction/modernization programs that hinge upon not growing poppy. Sort of along the lines of ‘Willing to stop growing drugs? Get free satellite TV! Upgrade to STARZ Platinum pack by signing up a neighbor!‘ But I’m sure what you get is people with free satellite TV who then secretly grow poppy to have the cake and eat it too…

  2. Why pay them not to grow it (and have them grow it anyway)? Why not just buy the stuff and provide it cheaply to pharmaceutical manufacturers? The problem here is that when anti-drug ops go rip up or burn fields, they usually get the small farmers who are trying to feed their families. The big drug lord’s fields get spared via bribery or other methods. You end up driving the small farmer into supporting the Taliban because they protect his only form of feeding his family. In this instance, however, Medusa was not part of an anti-drug sweep. Can’t say more than that.