Request for help on the Grim Reaper vertical stabilizer

Got this comment on one of the posts about that F-14 Tomcat wreckage that washed up on shore in Ireland.

Curt here, an oceanographer who tracks drifting objects around the world ocean. Does anyone out there have a photo of the F-14 tail that washes ashore in Ireland that I could put in my quarterly newsletter, the Beachcombers’ Alert? Please see

Looks like the tail drifted around the North Atlantic Ocean for a total drift distance of 12,500 nautical miles.

Any ideas why barnacles did not grow on the tail? Does the Navy apply special coatings?

The plane crashed in 2002. The pics on my posts are, ahem, borrowed from mainstream media coverage and not terribly helpful here. I’m unaware of any public domain shots.

Anyone have any help?