One-track minds

They’re discussing the death of Steve ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin over at Kos. The Big K himself wrote:

I’ll never understand parents who put themselves in such positions of danger knowing that a misstep can leave their children without a parent.

Here are the first three comments regarding this tragedy:

Like joining the military? (116+ / 0-)

Joining the military in itself (27+ / 0-)
Isn’t dangerous but volunteering while bush is president is definitely dangerous

My 19 year-old son wants to join. (58+ / 0-)
I suggested that if he really wants to, he could join the Coast Guard or the Navy, but he says he will not join while Bush is the commander-in-chief. Poor kid; my politics have rubbed off on him.

Hmmm. That certainly helps us learn about and understand Irwin’s death. Let’s look at a few more.

To continue the Coast Guard thread:

Bush will soon find a way (9+ / 0-)
to turn the CG into cannon fodder for his “adventures,” if he has his way.

And then back to the general military aspect of Irwin’s death:

I have been able to keep by 20 year old (19+ / 0-)
from joining for a year and a half. I think the guilt I laid on him kept him from joining, not to mention all the bad news coming from Iraq. He first told me he was joining in early 2005. I cried and told him I did not raise him to be complete cannon fodder to a corrupt administration. He is now studying criminal justice at our local community college with no talk of joining.

I’m not sure what this one means, but it’s certainly relevant:

while the facts are death will always be a (12+ / 0-)
possibility, it’s the meaningless death that will be the legacy of those that partake in a mindless foreign policy of these neocon scum.

Then they discuss other occupations that could be considered dangerous:

Umm, and this day and age, liberal activist (11+ / 0-)
One of my friends had a couple (a couple!) threaten her with guns when she canvassed at their door during the Kerry campaign. Not because she was trespassing, but because the redneck couple didn’t like the candidate she was backing.

ditto. Dissent is dangerous, so is standing up (6+ / 0-)
for liberal causes, Kos himself is living on the edge, just like all of us. Right wing nut jobs are everywhere, but we do what we do because we have to. Being a labor activist I am all too aware of how many organizers have “disappeared” over the years. Some only get roughed up. We are a little more civilized today, but not much.

Then someone speaks a bit of sense, but it doesn’t last long…

Sad (4+ / 1-)
Sad that this random tragedy has been somehow linked to demonize the military.

No (8+ / 0-)
You’re wrong – noone is demonizing the military. What is being demonized is the Dumbass in Chief who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his troops’ lives.

Then after somone notest that he’s not willing to sacrifice military readiness:

Captain, I respect your beliefs (3+ / 0-)
but joining the military should bring with it a pact that you won’t be sent into harm’s way unadvisedly or frivolously by your civilian leadership…Some things just aren’t worth the free college education (even if you do return home.)

And it’s not just the military:

I understand Steve and military parents better (3+ / 0-)
than I understand the parents of Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, Dick Cheney and the whole frikkin Bushmob.

The above commenter gets points for actually mentioning Irwin, I guess. Hilarious.


  1. So NOW the military is dangerous? It is the job of a soldier–regardless of who his commanders are or where they send him–to engage in armed combat with his designated enemy without question or hesitation. At any point during those activities, he may be killed or wounded. He knows that. If he was smart, then he knew that before he signed up. The potential for death or injury is just as much a part of his job desription as cleaning his rifle and saluting his CO. If you can’t handle that, don’t join up. And what’s with all these parents guilt tripping their kids out of joining the military? If they’re old enough to join up, they’re old enough to make their own decisions. You can either let them do so, or you can manipulate them well into their 40s because, let’s face it, you get all your self-worth out of your kid. What the hell, over?

  2. Clark, I think you’ve got it. If your kid actually thinks this country is worth defending, even if you hate the government, it means that you didn’t control their mind properly or- horror of horrors!- maybe, just maybe, they understand something you don’t. And it COULDN’T be that. Could it?

  3. Folks, Obviously there is some kind of ‘Bushmob’, Neo-Con, Insurgent (freedom fighting) Stingray Conspiracy against ‘highly Enthusiastic’ Australian wildlife wranglers. It’s obviously Bush’s fault that Irwin died. Where was his body armor or uparmored Humvee? For being the ‘dumb@$$ in chief’ our President sure is effective at getting a lot of things done. What a bunch of frikkin’ whack-jobs…