One ring to find them all…

Marine pilot’s journey carries a familiar ring

This was in yesterday’s Grand Rapids press:

He was 12, fooling around with a buddy in 1988 in a Kent County lake when he pulled up a fistful of sand from the bottom. And something else.

It was a Naval Academy ring, property of a Navy commander who lost it nearly 20 years before while water skiing near Cedar Springs.

Years rolled by. Kevin LaFrenier forgot about the ring and its emerald stone, although he clung to a boy’s dream of becoming a military pilot.

Thirteen years later, LaFrenier slipped on a Naval Academy ring of his own, awarded to midshipmen in their junior year at the academy.

Amazing. The first ring was lost in 1969, then found in 1988 and returned to its owner. In 2002, another ring was earned.

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