Iranian Tomcats armed with Hawk missiles

Iranian F14s Carry Hawk Missiles Successfully

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian air force F14s succeeded in carrying and launching Hawk missiles during the third stage of the country’s extensive war games codenamed ‘Blow of Zolfaqar’.

FNA reports from the war game zone in northwestern Iran said that Iranian experts have succeeded in making some modifications to the advanced Hawk missiles so that they could be used by the air force F14s as their weapon in different air battle conditions.

The missile gifts higher maneuverability and farther engagement scope to F14s and thus, air force fighters are now capable of engaging in dogfights and destroying enemy aircrafts from farther distance and more efficiently.

Meantime, air force experts also tested their optimized F5 fighters successfully. The optimized version of the fighter uses a wider variety of weapons, enjoys higher operational power and is more difficult to pick up on the radar systems compared with the normal version due to its higher maneuverability.

The report added that the ‘Blow of Zolfaqar’ is also unique in its kind for many reasons, one being the number and quantity of bombs dropped by air force fighters and bombers.

During the six phases of the air force maneuvers various types of bombs, missiles, rockets, and explosives have been deployed by the Iranian troops and aircrafts the quantity of which is unprecedented compared with all previous war games.

The Hawk is a medium-range SAM. The US sold Improved Hawks to Iran in the 1970s, and more Hawks were part of what became known as Iran-Contra in the 1980s. The missile was retired in the US military in 2002.

And get a load of the picture accompanying the story:

That’s either a Really Improved Hawk or a Russian Soyuz orbital launch vehicle.

(via Alert5)


  1. They started that during the ’80s. I remember the debrief of an Iranian test pilot that worked up the launch profile. That defector debrief was in 1986.

  2. Propaganda photo aside, it sounds far fetched. On the other hand, looking at the numbers the HAWK is not much larger than the Phoenix. Both are semi-active seekers, so it shouldn’t require too much modification. Right? IIRC, they were both made by Raytheon too. Et voila! Iran gets a basic BVR capability. Not as good as Phoenix or AMRAAM, but better than nothing. Of course, I’m a Stinger guy, not a HAWK guy or a fighter pilot, so I could be full of it.

  3. It seems a real push to make the Hawk into an air to air weapon. And with us knowing everything about the Hawk I am sure we know how to defeat the electronics and guidance system. I have been flying high performance aircraft for some time now and there are some real problems making all of that work. Oh————.wait a minute I have just been flying those aircraft on Battlefield 2——.never mind.

  4. You have to give them a ‘A’ for effort if they really did manage to mate a HAWK to a F-14. Talk about fitting a square peg into a round hole. I think the real story should be how effective the arms embargo has been on them – so that they would have to go to such lengths. There are a lot better/cheaper/ easier/and less dangerous options. Personally, I would more scared to be in the F-14 launching the missile then in being the target.