I came, I saw, I donated

As noted a couple of days ago, I donated a pint of Murdoc’s blood and got him registered on the National Marrow Donor Program. During yesterday’s blood drive in Grand Rapids, the test for bone marrow was free if you gave some of the red stuff, though at other times and places it costs a little bit.

Blackfive has been highlighting the effort to find a bone marrow match for Navy SEAL Justin. (I mistakenly wrote that a match had recently been found. I misread and was wrong. The search for a match for Justin continues.)

I’ve never donated blood before, but it wasn’t too bad. I was a bit lightheaded this morning when out running, but I don’t know if the missing pint of blood had anything to do with it. (I’m often a bit lightheaded, as you can probably tell if you read MO regularly…)

I encourage you to donate some of the red stuff yourself, and to get on the National Marrow Donor Program. If it’s not someone in the military you’re helping, it’s someone loved by someone in the military. Tell them Murdoc sent you.

There are those who feel that they haven’t done as much as they should to help us win. What if you’re the one who can save SEAL Justin’s life? Or anyone’s life?