Beslan Book

Medium ImageHeidi the Redhead Infidel recommended the book Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America’s Schools by John Giduck on my post about the second anniversary of the incident.

Here’s the blurb:

The complete and accurate story of the Beslan School Siege that occurred in Russia on September 1, 2004.

A book about the victims, the soldiers who were there, the history of the events leading up to the tragic incident, and the lessons America can learn to protect itself from terrorism. But more than just the story. Terror at Beslan highlights the lessons America’s school system can learn from the tragedy to protect itself from terrorism.

I haven’t read it, so I can’t give you my personal opinion (even though, of course, you are entitled to it…). Heidi reviewed the book on Euphoric Reality, though, so check it out. And here’s the Official Site.

UPDATE: I mistakenly identified Kit as the Redhead Infidel. The Redhead Infidel is definitely Heidi. I corrected the post. My bad.


  1. Thanks for recommending this book to your readers, Murdoc. As I said to you via email… For some weird reason, this book is not getting ANYONE’s attention, and I’ve become fairly evangelical about getting the word out. One aspect of the book is a fantastic look into the operations of the Russian Special Forces, who have been demonized for the job they did that day. But the true value of the book lies in the counter-terrorism measures outlined for us everyday people. I don’t care about links or traffic – I just want people to buy this book and read it…and then apply some of the security principles inside. The author is certain that law enforcement can do nothing about this threat to our schools unless the school boards are driving it – and of course, the school boards are parent-driven. Which is why PARENTS are the ones that need to read this book and be galvanized to action. Like I said previously, if you’ve got kids, or KNOW any kids, this book is for you. (That should cover just about everyone!) I don’t know the author (except by his reputation among SF guys), though I’ve set up an interview with him for our radio show. The only reason I’m promoting the crap out of this book, is because this book helps to arm us against terrorism. It’s one more weapon in our arsenal – and it’s a shame most bloggers are ignoring it. I’m thrilled you are recommending the book to your readers – for their sake.