Why isn’t Israel bombing and invading again, by the way?

babun-sm.jpgWhere are the abducted soldiers?

United Nations! What are you doing?

Will one of the many anti-Israeli folks I know please explain why this is all okay? Comment. Email. Call me. Tell me to my face.

I hear over and over again how Israel is always in the wrong.

The one overriding demand was the return of the soldiers, even when it should have been the disarmament of Hezbollah.

Why shouldn’t Israel resume a full offensive? Where are those soldiers?


  1. Are you surprised? This was a massive victory for Hezbollah and terrorism the moment Israel stopped their campaign. More to the point, it was an almost certain defeat for Israel the moment they *STARTED* their campaign, though I’m not sure what else they could do to both get their soldiers back and make certain that no one would ever try it again. And at this point, it would only make things worse for Israel to start bombing again. (Of course the line ‘Worse? How could it be worse??? Jeho…’ comes to mind.) They are surrounded by terrorist individuals and governments. Until the world deals with *THAT* problem, Israel is screwed and will be forced to keep doing this crap. And the world will keep complaining about how Israel continues to be the problem there, and why can’t we support the ‘other’ side for a change, since Israel is so ‘terrible’. I mean, c’mon! Hezbollah is building *SCHOOLS* in Lebanon! And Israel isn’t! That right there makes it pretty clear who the ‘bad’ guys are!

  2. Haha, what a co-incidence, I was just listening to that Monty Python sketch. ‘Right, who threw that?’ ‘Listen, nobody—and I mean NOBODY—gets to throw any stones until I say so. Even—and I want to make this completely clear—even if they DO say Jeho…’

  3. The current situation is as follows: The prisoner is in Iran, enjoying the time off with belly dancing Persian girls. The IA is continuing it’s disproportant response by waiting until the Hizbolla have replentished their weapons stores and trained new recruits before engaging again. Also, they are waiting on more weapons shipments for themselves from good ol’ Uncle Sam. Just hold your tater… Papa Ray