Our response to the attack is what caused the attack

Christopher Hitchens:

I debate with the “antiwar” types almost every day, either in print or on the air or on the podium, and I can tell you that they have been “war-weary” ever since the sun first set on the wreckage of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and on the noble debris of United Airlines 93. These clever critics are waiting, some of them gleefully, for the moment that is not far off: the moment when the number of American casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq will match or exceed the number of civilians of all nationalities who were slaughtered five years ago today. But to the bored, cynical neutrals, it also comes naturally to say that it is “the war” that has taken, and is taking, the lives of tens of thousands of other civilians. In other words, homicidal nihilism is produced only by the resistance to it! [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Those that like to pretend that the problem will go away if we ignore it are seriously deluded.

By Murdoc’s calculations, the number of US and Coalition dead in Iraq will exceed the number of killed in the 9/11 attacks on or about the 15th of October. What, exactly, the connection between the two numbers is I don’t know. But you can bet we’ll be hearing about it.

The honesty of those making the comparison, however, should be questioned when they make it. Because even if you decide that it matters and that Iraq should “count”, the number of US and Coalition dead in Afghanistan plus those in Iraq has already exceeded the toll from 9/11. I don’t recall hearing anything about it at the time. But my guess is that the number will suddenly become relevant once the Iraq toll itself crosses the threshold. Maybe it might have something to do with the first Tuesday in November, or something.

(via Frank Warner)


  1. hmmm…semantics. Might that be better parsed as: ‘Expectations of Resistance, and Therefore Expectations of Fame/Infamy, Sells Homicidal Nihilism.’ ? Ie ‘Hey guys! If we get the worlds greatest Superpower to make mighty war and loud rhetoric against us mere dusty unedumicated camel-jockey tribesmen then we must be important or something right? or somesuch. That would make sense…in an insane kinda way.