You only have two more days to get special room rates at Circus-Circus in Reno for the first annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

Range time Saturday during the day, fancy banquet with some bloggers and gun industry reps that evening. Pre-event activities on Friday and post-event recovery on Sunday. Dan McKown, who intervened in a mall shooting in Tacoma and ended up shot five times and in a wheelchair, will be the guest of honor. (Here’s a schedule rundown.)

Note that this event is not just for “gun bloggers”. It’s open to milbloggers and non-bloggers and even cat bloggers alike. The more the merrier. (NOTE: Cat bloggers should probably leave their feline friends at home. Some in this crowd love cats. Others love to shoot cats. Best to avoid an ugly misunderstanding…)

Murdoc cannot make it this time (long-planned family vacation the following week), but it looks to be a good time and Mr. Completely is rounding up support faster than you can reload.

If you blog and think some of your readers might be interested, why not throw up a quickie post to help get the word out? Hopefully this goes over well and there will be a second annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous next year.


  1. Thanks for the Rendezvous plug! That’s too bad you can’t make it this year, but we’ll have a spot on the firing line and at the banquet (and bar?) reserved for you at next year’s bash! …… Mr. C.