Grumman posts to check out

Here are two recent posts at Chair Force Engineer that you might be interested in:

The first has a lot about Grumman’s involvement in the US space program, but the second is all military: A rundown of various fly-offs for major contracts involving Grumman planes.

And, Grumman lovers, don’t forget the late Friday Cat Blogging feature here at Murdoc Online. The series has been discontinued, but the archives live on.


  1. Funny, they mention the F-22 and F-23, but not the X-29 or Grumman’s still born competitor in that fight. It’s still hard for me to believe that an Air Force general with wild hair up his ass about canards could cut the final thread on Grumman’s future in the fighter biz. It’s a damn shame. I don’t know if it would have been better than the 23, but it might have been. Certainly it would have had a forward swept wing which would have made it one heck of a turn and burn fighter, which was eventually the F-22s advantage over the 23. Kinda stupid though, really. I mean, if you’re planning on being out numbered 20 to 1, hadn’t you better build a fighter that’s fast as stink and keep it out of the fur ball? There I go thinking again.

  2. I sure miss the Friday Cat blogs. I’m an old Grumman fan from way back, and there are still literally tons of great Cat photos out there. Why not continue? I at least expect a Cat blog from the Tomcat Farewell this coming week.