Folks, Murdoc loves the Poles!

Poland Offers Troops For Afghanistan from Feb 2007

Why does it seem lately that Poland is the shining star on the ol’ Continent?

Unfortunately, the troops won’t be available until February. With winter coming on, that might not be such an issue. The bad guys generally hole up during the harsh Afghan winter.

Also, in a surprise move, Kerry Faults Bush’s Afghanistan Strategy.

He claims that Bush is “cutting and running” from Afghanistan. That’s, um, an interesting take. His whole idea for Iraq was, if you remember, to scale back US forces and replace many of them with UN and/or NATO troops. Now a similar strategy (though still with a massive US presence) in Afghanistan is “cutting and running.” Skerry.


  1. Poles are done with their job in Iraq and have 900 troops there. They are just transfering to Afghanistan.

  2. Hey, Murdoc, I just read about this troop commitment over here in Poland and was glad to see that you already were on top of the latest news. Here’s a couple of thoughts, both personal and from the article [Polish Troops Headed for Afghan Trouble Zone, New Warsaw Express, September 15, 2006 Issue 37 (212)]. (Sorry, they do not publish this article online.) The Kaczynski twins running the country have not had a lot of victories recently in the foreign relations area. Some of these come from stands against Russia and even Germany. (Those two countries are building a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea that is bypassing Poland. That move is not appreciated here!) Also, Western Europeans have not approved of some of the views of the Kaczynski government, such as the death penalty, abortion and homosexuality. All of these sorts of disagreements with other European nations are not always purely moral issues. But where they are, you can’t worry too much about offending the appeasers to the west of us, as Europe needs someone to take a stand on morals. So, with all that is happening with the declining influence of Poland within the EU over the first year of the Kaczynski government, there are some new diplomatic moves taking place now to improve their foreign status. Much of that effort continues to go towards strengthening the ties with Poland’s strongest ally, the U.S. I would say this troop commitment (even if unpopular domestically) is showing both the U.S. and the EU where Poland intends to continue to strengthen its ties internationally. Just to let you know, this is all coming from a guy who is not pro-Kaczynski. I’m not really in favor of his economic program or his nationalistic point of view. If I was Polish and had a vote here, I would have been voting for the Civic Platform (PO) party, led by Donald Tusk. I mostly deal with university students and young professionals here, and my contacts tend to be disappointed with Kaczynski. Since I can’t vote, all that means nothing, but just wanted to add a little more to the picture.

  3. KB: Thanks for checking in. Nice to hear from someone ‘on the ground’ in Murdoc’s favorite European nation. I’ve gathered that not all are overly-thrilled with the Kaczynski government, but it’s tough from here to know how much of that is real and how much is spin from other Europeans (and their sympathizers) who are just miffed that Poland and Uncle Sam seem to be on the same wavelength. I fully realize that Poland and the USA aren’t totally in line with each other all the time, and I know that things could change. I also know that what’s best for the USA isn’t always what’s best for the Polish citizens. But, for now, both nations seem to be trying to do the best they can in a tough situation as well as looking out for their own best interests. You can’t really ask for any more than that.