Keeping our schools in a “climate of fear”

Police claim to foil boys’ plot to attack school
‘A Columbine waiting to happen,’ Wis. officials say after guns, bombs found

Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Two teenage boys amassed a cache of guns, ammunition, bombs and other weapons at their homes and apparently planned to use them to attack their high school, authorities said Thursday.

The boys, both 17, were arrested Thursday morning at East High School, but their identities were not released pending possible charges, authorities said.

Police Chief Craig Van Schyndle said officers who found the materials also found suicide notes.

If this story were treated like stories about Muslim terrorists supposedly planning to attack airplanes or public buildings in New York, we’d probably be hearing how the evidence is mostly circumstantial, the plan probably wouldn’t have worked, and that they’re being singled out because of their race or religion. We’d be told that authorities were hyping the story because they need to show the public that they’re actually doing something to keep us safe and to keep everyone cowering in fear of another attack.

It would all be part of some grand conspiracy, and we’d all be treated to theories about how previous school shootings may possibly have actually been carried out by agents of the same authority that today tells us we’re at risk.

There would be outcries against any knee-jerk moves to limit access to guns or to exclude kindergarten girls from weapon searches just because they don’t fit the profile.

The most extreme would be making excuses for the suspects, citing friends and neighbors who said that the boys “always seemed so nice” and that they “couldn’t believe they’d ever hurt a fly”. As evidence piled up and details of the plan became public, they would shift gears, claiming that while the plan was horrible, it was justified because of wrongs suffered by the suspects and that potential victims probably would have deserved what they got.

Fortunately, that treatment is reserved for the types of folks who blew up Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, and the World Trade Center.