Great. Now Dean is going to start riots…

Dean Esmay:

It’s always moving when you respond to someone suggesting that your religion has sometimes been violent and done evil things by throwing a temper tantrum and becoming violent and threatening to do evil things.

I was hoping our priest would say something about the Pope’s comments and non-apology this morning, but no luck.


  1. Screw the Apology. These animals will riot and burn about every stupid thing. I say provoke them. And provoke them alot. Let them show the world their true nature.

  2. Dear skrip00, The world is already aware of their (Muslims)true nature, but the world’s liberals are treating them like they treat their spoiled brats. APPEASE, APPEASE, APPEASE! Remember Neville Chamberlain’s edict: APPEASEMENT IS PHYSICALLY AND (ESPECIALLY PSYCHOLOGY) EASIER TO ADMINISTER THAN CONFRONTATION!

  3. Obviously not, the whole damned planet wants to ‘understand’ their problem and live with it as if they we’re a bunch of invalids with mental problems. ‘Oh, its ok, they dont know any better.’ Screw that.