51% in favor?

The increasingly popular Iraq war
Did I imagine news stories with the phrase ‘increasingly unpopular Iraq war’? It turns out, I didn’t

Frank Warner:

Many pundits refused to believe last week’s Fox News-Opinion Dynamics poll that found 51 percent of Americans support the U.S. role in the Iraq war…Now the new USA Today-Gallup poll comes up with a finding similar to Fox News-Opinion Dynamics’.


How will it feel to read that in a news story? Our enemies will be discouraged. Our troops will love it. I’ll check today’s papers to see if it’s there yet.

Go read the whole things.

Incidentally, I see that Frank has scored and Instalanche off of this. Very well-deserved. I’ve been reading and linking Frank since I discovered his site several millennia ago (in blogosphere time) and he’s been in my primary link list on the sidebar for quite some time. It’s good to see him get a bit of wider recognition. Be sure to check out his site on a regular basis.