Name this carrier

Happened across this pic:

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A port bow view of the USS SARATOGA (CV-60), flight deck partially removed, being scraped in a dry dock at the Sparrows Point Extension Yard of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

The pic needed to be flipped. Even a cursory glance tells us it’s not the Saratoga, even if we didn’t know that the Saratoga is still in reserve. But which ship is it? It appears to be the USS Coral Sea (CV 43).


  1. This is obviously not American at all. It looks to me like the new stealth carrier that Iran is developing from the bottom up.

  2. This is undoubtedly the Coral Sea. From the stack, it is obviously a Midway class. Midway is a museum, FDR was scrapped in the late ’70s so that means this could only be Coral Sea.

  3. And the pic does not need to be flipped. It is proper as in the post. Look at the rake of the funnel, dual catapault tracks on the bow, elevator on the port stern, landing path stripes on the stern. The link is incorrect. What a cf.

  4. This is definitely not the Sara. I served in the Gulf War on USS Biddle. Part of the Saratoga battlegroup, Sara was Forrestal class CV-60 with a one-peice island-stack unit. Similar to the islands of Nimitz, just add the stack to it.

  5. This is definitely a picture of Coral Sea CV-43 being scrapped at a salvage yard on the Gulf Coast either in Texas or Louisiana.