Brits wiping the floor with Talibanditos

Troops in line for VCs after Taliban battles

Helmand Province

I think it’s pretty clear that the battles in southern Afghanistan have been pretty significant. They haven’t been getting a whole lot of coverage here because relatively few US forces have been directly involved, but the reports of major victories by British, Canadian, and other Coalition forces have been pretty steady.

The British in Hemland, in particular, have seen a lot more action than they expected:

Describing the range of actions, a senior Whitehall source said: “You are talking about bayonet and grenade actions, Chinooks landing troops while being raked by gunfire and 105mm guns in direct fire mode.”

British troops and flyers have been recommended for nearly 180 decorations, including several Victoria Crosses.

UPDATE: Here’s another Telegraph story on the action on Helmand: Limited mission that turned into bloody firefights


  1. We should stop pussy footing around with these Taliban. The US should start raising a couple of battalions of Gurkha’s and let go forth.

  2. James: I’ve heard others say the same thing about Ghurkas, and I guess I don’t have a good reason why we shouldn’t. The truth is, I’m more concerned about the stability of Afghanistan (long-term stability) than of Iraq. There is just so little there and so few opportunities to make things significantly better. Now, the stability of Afghanistan isn’t nearly as important to us and the world in general as the stability of Iraq, but we need to get something going so those folks can get control and make their own lives a bit better. Unfortunately, Pakistan isn’t playing ball.

  3. Murdoc- I was being a tad tongue in cheek with the Ghurkha’s. Historically, the Ghurkha’s may or may not work as the Afghani’s have a past with them, but warriors recognize warriors. The Ghurkaha’s would be a republican guard. From which you could base an Afghan army. With respect to Pakistan – honestly they cannot even if they wanted to – put the hammer down. The army would rebel or the country would go into civil war. The country is already on the brink, lets not push it. The long term hope for the country is a reconcilliation with India that would enable the economy to put the disaffected youth to work and under cut the radicals. What we should hope for is for Pakistan to stay relatively stable, a nonradicalized government in control of the nukes, and the ability with a wink and nod for us to conduct raids against select targets.

  4. Yes, I meant a Ghurka-modeled organization, not necessarily the Ghuraks themselves. Your ‘Republican Guard’ is EXACTLY what I was going for. Anything to give a little backbone. And I realize that Pakistan is teetering. And you are right that we shouldn’t push it. But DAMN is it frustrating. (And that’s me sitting here at a desk all frustrated…the guys on the line must be beside themselves on most days.) Regarding the future of Afghanistan, I have trouble seeing anything working with anyone as long as drugs are worth so much. So basically forever. (Unless an idea to import legal Opium for medicinal purposes is realistic. I don’t know enough to comment other than I wouldn’t mind getting a lot of them out of the illegal drug trade…)

  5. Here’s some late ‘skinny’ on the Brit/Taliban (symbiotic) relationship: ‘British troops in secret truce with the Taliban’ BRITISH troops battling the Taliban are to withdraw from one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan after agreeing a secret deal with the local people. READ THE WHOLE STORY:,,2087-2383232,00.html