Because we all know the Amish are pro-war and pro-gay

Once again, the Westboro Baptist loons are off the deep end. Via the Redhead Infidel comes word that the lunatics are going to demonstrate outside the funeral for the Amish girls killed in Pennsylvania. She has the flyer at Euphoric Reality.

Apparently they claim that God killed the girls because Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has publicly spoken out against the loons.

Following politics and current events you are subjected to a lot of stupidity. This has got to rank up near the top. Honestly, I believe this is even stupider than protesting outside military funerals. (Pics of the jerks I took outside a local funeral this summer are here.)

What’s the proper way to deal with these folks? (Please, none of the “kill ’em” comments.) Even if it were possible to control it, would preventing the media from covering them make them give up?

UPDATE: Defense Tech Dad Tom Shachtman, who has written books on serial killers and books on the Amish, coments on the incident. I’d think that he just might be the world’s foremost expert on the combination of those two fields.

UPDATE: As a reader noted in the comments, the demonstration is off. Here’s why:

The Web site of show host Mike Gallagher indicated that the group was offered an hour of airtime on Thursday morning in exchange for dropping the planned demonstration.


  1. How cool would it be to see them get an old fashioned Amish beat down on national TV? I watched the trailer for Flags of Our Fathers again. I hope it is as good as it looks. The Japanese version actually looks better.

  2. We should just ignore them. I mean all we are talking about is one in-bread family that formed their own church. Of course the leftist media will always cover them because it makes christians look bad.

  3. I live just a few miles from the school where this happened, and I’m very relieved that the protest was called off. These nutjobs are the last thing we need in Lancaster County. You have to be a horrible person to even think about picketing a funeral like this one.

  4. Tax evasion & and RICO charge should get them. Basically they are a criminal enterprise that ‘protests’ in ways that are calculated to cause hostile actions. Then they sue for damages. Through in their ‘church’ status and I would bet dollars to donuts that a good IRS audit should be able to nail them. Strip the 501C status, then nail them under RICO as an organized crime. Which has the beauty of taking their assets ‘before’ they are convicted, and you basically hamstring them. All you need is a pissed off congressman or attorney general. Perhapse a large number of letters to impressionable politians would be helpful? Then again – its not a good idea to pick on the Amish. They run central PA & are the richest ethnic group in America.