Comments fixed

I’ve been getting absolutely hammered by spam. MT comment spam protection basically sucks, BTW.

UPDATE: Also, it appears that some folks are having trouble with their “Click to view larger version” images. Could you let me know if it works or not? Browser type would be nice to know, as well.

UPDATE 2: Okay. I think I’ve got the bigger images fixed for MS Internet Explorer. The Soviet space shuttle post has been corrected and posts in the future will be corrected. I will correct previous posts if I get a chance.

Thanks to all who tipped me off and gave me feedback while trying to isolate the issue.

Oh, and

It’s free.


  1. Try refreshing or clearing the cache in IE. Several readers have it working in IE 6 and/or 7. So do I. Let me know if it still doesn’t work for you. Thanks for the input (everyone!). It’s greatly appreciated.

  2. FWIW, I also cannot get the larger version of your photos to work using IE 6.0. Cleared cache still NG.