More school violence

Police: Student fires AK-47 inside Mo. school
Authorities say masked teen confronted principal, 2 students; no one hurt


A 13-year-old student wearing a mask and a long, black trenchcoat fired an AK-47 into the ceiling at his school Monday morning after confronting a pair of students and administrators, telling them “please don’t make me do this,” officials said.

No one was injured, and the boy, who police said was following a well thought-out plan, was taken into custody…

Farmer said police believe they know where the student got the weapon but would not disclose those details. He said it was not uncommon for people in the area to own high-power firearms. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Yes, the AK-47 can be dangerous. But we know that the 7.62x39mm Russian round it fires is hardly “high-power”. As always with these cases, it will be interesting to learn where he acquired the weapon and if it was fully automatic or merely a semi-auto AK clone.


  1. This has been a complaint of mine about the media for years. They can’t just print semi-auto rifle or handgun, it always has to be ‘Military Style Assault Rifle’ or ‘Large Caliber Hand Gun’. I’ll tell you though, there is quite a few people where I live that have ‘high powered rifles’ as well. There’s some Winchester .300 Magnums, some .30-06, and even a few .378 Weatherbys. You know though ‘hunting rifle’ is just not as sexy as ‘assault rifle’.

  2. If he’d taken that gun into my high school he’d have found out what a high power rifle was all about. We all had guns stashed in our cars so we could go hunting after school. At least we did this time of year. You’ll notice these bastards are going into schools in cities or Amish areas where they know no one will have a gun. But we need gun control.

  3. I wonder if he drove his ‘high powered firearm’ to school in an SUV. Would that make this a ‘Hate Crime’? Discuss.