Look what the cat dragged in!

It’s Pinch and Nicholas!

texas.jpgMurdoc is headed to Texas for some serious vacationing, including stops at the USS Texas and the USS Lexington, and will be out of the office until next weekend. Though he’ll have internet most of the time and will do a bit of light posting here and there as the mood strikes, the MO dreadnought will be capably helmed by Instapinch and Nicholas for a week or so.

Pinch, formerly an F-14 backseater, regularly blogs at Instapinch and buzzes the tower at Blackfive once in a while, as well. Good stuff.

Nicholas, meanwhile, sometimes runs the Smell of Freedom site, but he’s generally too busy in the comments section here on MO and elsewhere to bother with it. Plus, he hails from Down Under, and since their clocks are all #!+%@$ up down there he’s online at odd hours of the night and everything.

Both of these fine gentlemen filled in admirably this past summer while I was on the road, and I’m thrilled (thrilled, I tell you!) that they’ve agreed to lend a hand once again. So give them both a big warm MO welcome, and if either of them is dumb enough to blog about battleships let ‘im have with both barrels.