MPs in action

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U.S. Army Soldiers from the 549th Military Police Company, 3rd Military Police Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division use the winch from their armored security vehicle to open a steel door while conducting a cordon and search in Mosul, Iraq, Oct. 4, 2006. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Christa Martin) (Released)

Note the use of an M-1117 Armored Security Vehicle, a 4×4 that is used heavily by the Military Police. It has several advantages over the Humvee, but it seems clear that a capable replacement for the relatively vulnerable Humvee is not a terribly high priority.


  1. A replacement for which Humvee? The all terrain vehicle that was designed to transport supplies, equipment, commo gear, and troops behind the front lines? In other words, a better jeep. Or, the heavy uparmored Humvee? The M117 in the picture looks like a decent replacement. The Marine LAV is another alternative that’s less expensive than the Stryker.

  2. While I think the MP’s should have more of them. The reason, as I read on the blog here, the place they make these vehicles is in New Orleans. There has been a slight delay in manufacturing. I understood that the MP’s wanted about 2,000 of them and got to order 1,200. What that number stands at now is what I would like to know. Rod

  3. It’s a shame that the ‘powers’ decided to press the Hummer into service as a light armored vehicle, when it was never intened for that. It’s a double shame that when the ‘powers’ saw the rapidly increased escalation of IEDs of all types they didn’t immediately start procuring an OTS armored vehicle to protect our troops with, but continued with accelerated plans to uparmor Hummers, which in my opinion has contributed to the maiming and killing of some of our men & women in uniform. IDIOTS!